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There are many ways for you to get involved in the Sea Tree Wonder adventures. May our combined sharing of wonder, beauty, and joy inspire people everywhere to find wonder in their daily lives. More people sharing and creating daily happiness, the happier world we can all help to create!

We are building a FINDING JOY ONLINE COMMUNITY and we look forward to sharing our joys and wonders with each other. Together, we can inspire & uplift each other through sharing gratitude, joy, inspiration, and wonder.

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Thank you so much for your support. Sea Tree Wonder is about creating a beautiful community of people seeking and sharing wonder in their daily lives. Wonderment opens the mind and heart to new ideas and possibilities. Wonderment feels joyful and exciting. Wonderment teaches appreciation and respect for life. Wonderment turns worry into hope. Wonderment fosters courage. Wonderment…is so much!

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In order to be able to dedicate time, effort & money to Sea Tree Wonder projects, creations, and building a "finding joy & wonder" online community, we need some financial support. We are excited to build a community of people, connected by the joy of finding and sharing wonder. Creating high quality weekly productions takes time and resources.

With some monthly financial support, together we can create a community of sharing.

Sea Tree Wonder in return will create inspiring weekly video episodes. For your financial support, we will offer you special gifts each month as a thank you. We have set up several different tiers of pledge giving amounts and in return gifts to match.

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Becoming a member means the world to us! We have so much to give you and thank you in return!

The two of us have so much to share with the world and we are committed to sharing our wonder journey with the world.

Your help means the world to us, and we intend your help to mean a lot to the world.

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Spread the word and share Sea Tree Wonder with your friends and family. We all live on this incredible planet Earth together. Experiencing wonder, happiness, love and gratitude makes the world beautiful and our lives remarkable. We invite you to share the wonder with your loved ones whether on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, via email, or in real time conversation. Start thinking and talking about all the wonders in your life. Our blog articles & posts and inspiring short films are a sincere, heartfelt & meaningful gift we are creating for ourselves, for you, and for the people you love. Through our collective sharing of wonder, may we all bring more joy into our lives.

Sea Tree Wonder is a journey with the purpose of finding wonder, happiness & reasons for gratitude each & every day.

The journey of finding wonder each and every day is about living fully in the now. To find joy and wonder in our daily life journey can be fun! Years from now when we look back on our life, we do not want to look back with regret for what we did not yet do, though rather gratitude for the joy we found in the simple and ordinary happenings of our lives along with the grand and monumental events.

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