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Welcome to Sea Tree Wonder

Hello & welcome to Sea Tree Wonder.

We are Wendy (Sequoia Win'Ni) & Megan and we are excited that you are here! As “life adventure buddies”, our truest relationship is best described as “best friend sisters”, though we did come into this world as mother & daughter. Together, we are embarking on a journey to find, experience & share daily wonders with the world through weekly video episodes, blog posts, photos, and more!

By creating & sharing inspiring, creative & meaningful short FILMS & articles, we hope to inspire people to feel, experience & create daily joy, wonder, kindness & gratitude in their life.

My name is Wendy (Sequoia Win'Ni)
and I cherish time  spent by the ocean.
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Natural beauty, incredible phenomenon, expressions of love, ingenious creativity, and inspiring wonders abound on our blue and green planet. As we open our eyes, hearts, and minds to wonderment; happiness, health, creativity,

and new ideas begin to flourish.

Come along and let's ALL have fun finding, celebrating & respecting "wonderments" in our daily lives.

My name is Megan and I love  spending time in the woods.
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SEA, is about the great big beautiful ocean that supports life on planet Earth AND about “seeing” the wonder in our lives.

TREE, is about the magnificent green & varied earth we live on. Trees are a metaphor for growth, wisdom, stability & fragility.

Sea Tree Wonder is about ALL of us developing our abilities to create daily happiness, nurture our connections with nature, grow as inspiring & kind people, find reasons for gratitude & build an online COMMUNITY of people sharing joy.

And WONDER, because it is the perspective for how we can see the world and our lives through a lens of appreciation that nourishes our happiness & fulfillment. This perspective of wonder & appreciation can teach & remind us to live a life of happiness.

Learn about why we co-founded Sea Tree Wonder, our vision for sharing joy & wonder with each other, and a bit about who we are and our relationship as "best friend sisters."

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Sea Tree Wonder - inspiring & empowering daily happiness, wonder & gratitude through short films. Join the adventure to see, appreciate & celebrate the blue & green wonders of our incredible planet Earth.

Browse Through our Sea Tree Wonder Weekly Films

Using the arrow on the right or left of the screen, browse through our entire collection of inspiring weekly videos in the filmstrip below. Click the "Play" button to watch the video.

(Once video has been clicked, you can also click the YouTube symbol & watch it through the YouTube platform.)

As artists, dancers, writers, and videographers, we share our journey to appreciate "wonderments" with you through film, blogs, and online posts & photos. We hope to inspire you to find wonder & happiness in your daily life. Join us by participating & interacting with us online. May our combined sharing of wonder, beauty, and joy inspire people everywhere to find wonder in their daily lives. More people sharing wonder with each other, the happier world we can help to create.

Sea Tree Wonder Films that include inspired DANCE...

In many of Sea Tree Wonder's inspiring weekly video episodes, Megan celebrates happiness & wonder through the spontaneous & inspired expression of creative dance. This selection of films features at least a section of Megan dancing for joy, reflection, thankfulness, wonderment or spirit.

Megan says, "I dance from my heart, because my body is inspired to move & express itself creatively. I have trained in dance throughout my whole life. My dance training gave me vocabulary, though it is JOY, WONDER & PASSION that inspires me to dance everyday. When I am inspired by appreciation of natural wonders, I am often inspired to dance. This is my gift, and I am honored to share it with the world."