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Episode #13. Giant Coast REDWOODS - Experience Inspiring Wonder & Magic

Give yourself some minutes to slow down, rejuvenate your spirit, and join us on a meaningful journey to visit the inspiring Coast Redwood giants. Click the VIDEO below & WATCH this week's inspiring film.

Join us in our outdoor exploration of the Redwoods through uplifting reflections, beautiful music, inspiring dance, appreciation of natural wonders, and stunning video & photography. This short film celebrates the world’s remaining California Coast Redwood groves as one-of-a-kind places where the scale of these giant & tall natural wonders is magnified.

Enjoy this Blog post as an inspiring read about the giant Coast Redwoods: how you can learn more about the Redwoods, a resource for suggestions on special places to visit, and ideas for how you can cultivate your daily happiness in your experiences with nature.

We have had the opportunity to meet and visit the giant Coast Redwood trees of Northern California, four years in a row. On our trips there, we recorded through video & photographs some very meaningful Redwood inspired moments. Now, a couple of years have passed since we were last there in person, though there is not a day that passes that we do not visit the Redwoods in our hearts. From our collection of footage we created this meaningful short film. We filmed it with the equipment and filming knowledge that we had at the time, and while it isn’t perfect, it’s a gift from a place so profoundly inspiring that we are honored to share it with you.

We have found that the Coast Redwoods are so tall, giant, ancient, majestic, and incredibly awe inspiring that it is difficult to ever convey their glorious wonder through videos and photographs. Being in the presence of these Redwood giants is an experience that can never be completely felt from seeing it on a screen. In the journey of this inspiring short film, our hope is that we can share with you at least a bit of the Redwood forest’s magnificent wonder. If you have not ever met the beautiful Coast Redwood giants before, we hope that one day you will.

When in the presence of the ancient Coast Redwoods, one may feel small in size comparison, yet at the same time embraced in epic magnificence. Bathing in the wonder filled nature of these Redwood groves & forests, has a special way of reminding us, that we are all a part of something bigger & more connected to the essence of life. To feel uplifted & supported by nature is to feel most whole, filled, and renewed with love, joy, peace, health, appreciation & wonder.

The world’s remaining California Coast Redwood groves are one-of-a-kind and magical places where the scale of natural wonder magnifies Earthly miracles. These ancient giants are over one thousand, even two thousand years old, and their Earthly presence is extensive. The width of these giants is epic in breath, and the height of the world’s tallest trees draw the eyes up to the heaven above. High in the Redwood tree canopy is a whole paradise, teeming with diversity & life, in the skies above the forest floor. In the cathedrals of giant Redwoods, grace, strength, mystery & beauty soaks the wanderer in wonder.

It is in our experiences in these beautiful Redwood groves & forests, that we re-discovered our innate connection with the natural world. It is easy amidst our busy indoor focused lives to become disconnected and separate from nature’s healing & fulfilling capacity. Through our Redwood adventures, our hearts have been profoundly & forever touched by their magical wonder & grace. In the presence of the wondrous Redwoods, we have experienced several life-changing, perspective realizing, and soul inspiring moments. These moments have had a huge influence on who we are today as people, as friends, as citizens in our community, and as stewards of our green & blue planet Earth.

The “ahh ha” moments that we have experienced in the Coast Redwoods have helped us throughout many challenging times in our everyday life, far from the Redwood forest. There is not a day that passes, that we do not reach inside ourselves to feel the peace, breath, natural healing and whole beauty that is inspired by the Redwoods.

Our experiences in the Redwood National & State Parks has been incredible! So far, we have had the opportunity to visit the most northern of the Coast Redwood Parks. We are very excited to continue meeting more of the Redwoods in the amazing parks that we have yet to visit. There are many Redwood parks, memorable groves, magnificent giants, and new generations of Redwood trees that we look forward to meeting in the Sea Tree Wonder inspired adventures to come.

Below is a list of the Parks we have visited so far and some of our favorite places in the Parks. All of our video & photography in this Blog and in Episode #13, "Giant Coast REDWOODS - Experience Inspiring Wonder & Magic", is from these beautiful places.

~ Stout Grove access via Howland Hill Rd. (the first grove of Redwoods that we ever walked in... wonderful short trail loops within this beautiful grove of trees.)

~ Walkers Loop (Accessed from Highway 199. Another great loop trail featuring inspiring & educational signs along the trail.)

~ Newton B. Drury Parkway (10 mile gorgeous scenic Redwood alternative to Highway 101) Frequent pullouts all along the parkway offer an opportunity to stop and stand next to giant Redwoods while right next to your car. You will have an incredible opportunity to experience the Redwoods on this Parkway. Access the redwoods for all, from comfort of your car, or park in any of the numerous pullouts and go on small or long hikes. ** Visit the Visitor Center at the South end of the Parkway and get recommendations and a map of the many beautiful hikes in this park.

These are some of our favorite places and trails in the park...

~ Rhododendron Trail (Even if you only venture part way on the trail, and then turn back, your experience will be filled with epic wonder.)

~ Corkscrew Tree (A redwood tree with spiraling trunks....a redwood "wonderment".)

~ Big Tree (There is a big parking lot, and restroom facility. Educational signs and a couple lovely paths leading out from here, make this an always stop for us.)

~ Elk Meadow (Stop & visit the awesome Interpretive Visitor's Center, perhaps see the local Roosevelt Elk Herd, camp in the campground, or go on multiple different hikes from this location.)

~ Elk Prairie Trail (Take a hike through the Coast Redwoods, Sitka Spruces, and giant Douglas Fir trees that circle the beautiful Elk Meadow.)

We have so many trails & experiences that we have yet to experience in Prairie Creek.

We look forward to visiting Fern Canyon.

~ a beautiful 1.5 mile loop trail circles this famous hilltop grove

We highly recommend picking up an "Avenue of the Giants Auto Tour Map". It is a great resource for beautiful and amazing places to stop and experience.

~ Avenue of the Giants (32 mile avenue through beautiful Redwood State Park and along the Eel River)

~ Drury-Chaney Grove

~ Chandler Grove

~ Founders Grove (This grove honors the founders of Save The Redwoods League who 100 years ago began ensuring that we today could enjoy the Giant Redwoods. An informative brochure can be picked up at the start of this loop trail, and along your walk you can learn about the diverse & complex beauty of the Redwood forest.)

~ Rockefeller Forest (Accessed from Lower Bull Creek Flats Rd which is a narrow dirt road. The Rockefeller Forest loop trail has it's own parking lot and is a magnificent and extremely memorable place for us.)

~ Bolling Grove

** Visit the Redwood National & State Parks website

to learn more about all the Redwood Parks. **

We highly encourage you to stop and visit each Park Visitor Center on your travels, ask the rangers questions, get maps,

learn about the Redwoods and the eco-systems that support them,

AND make sure to keep yourself safe while you respect these special places.

We hope that one day you are able to visit for the first time or visit again and experience the wonder & magic of the Coast Redwood forest. It’s a powerful & unforgettable experience to stand amongst the Redwood giants. As we bask in the wondrous beauty of the magical Redwoods, we are flooded with appreciation for those who bravely saved them for us all to experience today. Only 5% of the old-growth Redwoods still stand today because of the daily determination and commitment of dedicated people throughout the last one hundred and fifty years. Redwood sized perseverance and foresight was required to save them. Today’s old-growth giants living in all aged forests with primeval forest ecosystems are Earthly treasures to protect and cherish.

The Coast Redwood range extends from Southern Oregon to Central California. Along with the ancient groves, there are also younger generations of Redwood trees that need our support, protection, and stewardship. We all can help ensure that the generations of today, AND the future, may have the incredible opportunity to experience the healing majesty of the epic Redwoods. We encourage you to learn more about these incredible trees and ways you can connect with the Redwoods by visiting Save The Redwoods League online.

Save The Redwoods League is a WONDERful non-profit organization working to ensure that ALL of us, AND the generations to come, will be able to experience the wonder & magic of the great REDWOODS and SEQUOIAS.

May this video inspire you to seek the joy & wonder that is the essence of who you are…

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Episode Credits:

All video & photos in this video episode were filmed by the two of us.

The wonderful music that goes into underscoring our videos is all licensed through Artlist. Musical Artists heard in THIS Episode:

~ Aija Alsina, Lane King, Michele Nobler, ANBR, Serge Quadrado, Fjodor, Marco Martini & Marc Robillard

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If you have not ever met the beautiful Coast Redwood giants before, we hope that one day you will. When you do, give them a hug :-)

Your friends,

Wendy (Sequoia Win’Ni) & Megan

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