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Episode #15. Heceta Head LIGHTHOUSE - Explore Oregon Coast Wonder of Light & Hope

Click the VIDEO below & WATCH this week's inspiring film.

Explore the Oregon Coast’s iconic Heceta Head Lighthouse on a magical & fascinating adventure through time & space. Join us through an inspiring short film as we experience the historical and natural wonders of this Oregon State Park, witness the architectural beauty of the buildings, and reflect on the history of this enchanting lighthouse.

The brightest light on the Oregon Coast is a must see place that inspires wonder of the past, appreciation of the present, and joy in an inspiring outdoor experience. We hope you enjoy this inspiring video exploration & tour of one of Oregon’s historical & natural treasures.

As we walk the paths, read the informative signs, look at the historical photos, and visit with the park's volunteers, it is incredible to think about and reflect on the 125 years of history of these beautiful grounds and majestic Lighthouse. The presence of historical significance could be felt with every breath, and the stories of this great Lighthouse fills the air.

As we experience the historical and natural wonders of the park, witness the architectural beauty of the buildings, and reflect on our feelings that are stirred deep inside us, we feel touched by this enchanting lighthouse. The salty air and harsh stormy winds of the Pacific Ocean are brutal, yet through the determination of lighthouse keepers and stewards, this Lighthouse stands today tall, beautiful and well-maintained.

Heceta Head Lighthouse began casting out it's bright light from the height of 205' above sea level in 1894. It's light can be seen from 21 miles out to sea, making it the brightest light on the Oregon Coast.

The responsibilities of the original lighthouse keepers were enormous and hard work was a part of everyday life. If the lighthouse keeper did not keep the gears of the lighthouse moving, then ships were endangered. In the first several decades of the lighthouse’s career, a year’s supply of kerosene was brought in by boat, stored in two oil houses on the lighthouse grounds, and then hauled up and into the lighthouse. In the 1930s, kerosene was replaced by electricity.

Every lighthouse has a unique light signal signature which lets sailors know where they are along the coast. Back in the day, Heceta Head Lighthouse was a 10 second white flash every minute. Today it is a white flash every 10 seconds. This gives it a signature different than others along the Oregon Coast.

Although the light signal itself is the responsibility of the Coast Guard, maintaining the historical significance of the buildings and grounds is taken care of by Oregon State Parks.

Once leading edge, the importance of the light signal has been significantly downgraded. Due to the upgraded navigational technological capabilities on the boats themselves, the light of the lighthouse is less important now.

One sign next to the Lighthouse read, "In an age when navigation beacons can be made smaller, cheaper and easier to maintain, why save the old lighthouses? Imagine this headland without the picturesque building and it’s story. Historic light stations are legacies of our past and gifts to the future."

We highly encourage visiting Heceta Head Lighthouse Oregon State Park. There is a lovely path from the parking lot up to one of the original lighthouse keeper's houses, and then on up the lighthouse. Self-guided interpretive panels along the path to the lighthouse are informative, fascinating and inspiring. Often, there are volunteer interpreters around to answer questions and share historical stories and artifacts. (Variable due to weather & staffing.)

We visited Heceta Head Lighthouse on a warm calm sunny day in late September, 2019.

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~ Learn more by visiting Oregon State Parks webpage for,

~ Also you can learn more about Heceta Head Lighthouse by visiting,

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May there always be an importance in our world for inspiring places of historical significance, hope and awe. We feel wonder when we are in the presence of a wondrous Lighthouse such as this. Perhaps it’s like looking into a lit window of our past, as we imagine the days and lives of those of days gone by. Our hearts fill with gratitude for today’s easier times, and wonder for all the human stories entwined with one inspiring beacon of hope.

An enchanted lighthouse perched on a cliff overlooking the great Pacific Ocean is a wonderment of historical significance, with working relevance today. May we all have the open mind to seek inspiration from a cherished lighthouse.

The fog banks of our real lives can roll in at any time, and the darkness of night comes every day. We all look for the people, places, and things that light up our lives with joy and wonder.

Remembering that we are each our own lighthouse keeper, empowers our inner light to shine its truth. We can light up our own lives with purpose and joy, and show up in the world as a light for others. May we all let our inner lights shine bright with love, kindness, wonder & appreciation for self and for all.

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Episode Credits:

All video & photos in this video episode were filmed by the two of us.

The wonderful music that goes into underscoring our videos is all licensed through Artlist. Musical Artists heard in THIS Episode:

~ Anna Yarbrough, GAEL, Osker Wyld, Stanley Gurvich, Marco Martini & Marc Robillard

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