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Ep. #19. SEAPUNK Art & Ocean Wildlife Inspiring Imagination at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Join us for an adventure, inspiring hope & imagination, through a creative “Seapunk” exhibit combining art & ocean wildlife at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. In this weekly video episode, we share a story of fantasy & bravery woven with an inspiring message of real life hope & ingenuity, even during challenging times.

Click the VIDEO below & WATCH this week's inspiring film.

When we visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium in September of 2019, they had a special exhibit that combined science and art to create a memorable story of hope and wonder titled "Seapunk: Powered by Imagination". Along with the opportunity to meet and learn about fascinating & beautiful sea creatures, the exhibit was filled with "steampunk" art that told a special story... story of fantasy along with bravery and ingenuity. It is a story that links a human experience of survival with the ability to coexist with the intricacies and mysteries of nature.

As we explored this “Sea Punk” art and science exhibit at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, we appreciated how the idea of industrial era inventions could be repurposed into life giving systems that could co-exist with the natural world.

As humanity faces complex daily challenges, our abilities to adapt, learn and find joy becomes ever the more important. As we open our minds to the wonders, both natural and human made, that abound on our beautiful blue & green world, we can be inspired to be inventors, scientists, engineers, artists, writers, teachers, and creators.

Some days might at times seem dark and suffocating. It is important, that even when it feels like all hope may be lost, we reach even deeper within ourselves to see the flicker of light inside us that has capacity for wonder, faith, resourcefulness, patience, and love. All of us are one-of-a-kind people that have purpose and significance in our own lives, and the lives of our families, communities, countries, and even the lives of everyone all around the world. By finding and appreciating our own inner capacities for wonder and joy, we become hope empowering, solution seeking, resource nurturing, appreciative and happy people…even when things don’t turn out how we had hoped.

It is quite evident that humankind can be very creative and inventive. With so much creativity and inventiveness brimming forth, imagine everything that has yet to be created to be in harmony with the natural world that our lives depend upon.

You heard and saw the story if you watched the this week's short film, though here is a brief version...

The Story

Phineas is the last remaining crew member from a submarine expedition stranded at the bottom of the ocean. Trapped within the rusty metal walls of the HMS Argonaut, this resourceful scientist has survived for months by rebuilding the crippled submarine into an undersea marvel of engineering, yet no one knows he is alive. Phineas had started this expedition with a brave crew of explorers. They had set out to explore and discover places previously unknown in the sea. In a series of very unfortunate events, all crew members were lost with the exception of Phineas.

Following disaster and finding himself all alone,

~ Phineas bio-engineered a companion, Reginald, the Octopus Butler.

~ Inspired by his own goggles he made goggle windows so he could observe ocean creatures up close in their home without disturbing them.

~ He built his own angler fish submersible to be able to venture outside his grounded submarine home.

~ Phineas built a machine to maintain his oxygen supply. Using plants he generated breathable air while removing carbon dioxide from the submarine.

......... Phineas became a master at re-cycling, re-using, re-purposing, and re-imagining his use of supplies, objects, and resources to live a life compatible and in harmony with the ocean floor....

and so goes The Story...

We may be alone in isolation or we may be amongst our dearest family members and friends. No matter our circumstances, may we all find reasons for hope in today, tomorrow, and our futures. We are resourceful humans and our abilities to re-cycle, re-use, re-purpose, and create from what we already have into the necessities of today, will help us to create a sustainable future. We are stewards of a glorious Earth and we are awakening to the needs of nature and our fellow humans. Hope abounds in the creations of the past, the technology of today, and the inventions of the future.

In last week’s short film, we brought you along on an adventure to explore the wonders of the undersea world at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We looked into windows of wonder and celebrated all the incredible wildlife that lives within the sea or in the places where the land and sea meet. We hope you enjoyed diving into the sea with us in last week’s video. If you have not seen it yet, we invite you to check it out and enjoy the fascinating world of the ocean.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a wonderful education & ocean conservation organization that we highly recommend visiting on the central Oregon Coast. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to immerse & surround yourself in many ocean "wonderments".

We hope you have the opportunity to visit this inspiring

place of beauty, science, education & fascination.

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Episode Credits:

In this film, all video & photos were filmed by the two of us.

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