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Episode #2. Afternoon at the Park: Appreciating the Wonder of Trees

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Click the VIDEO below and WATCH this week’s video episode. New videos every Sunday.

This is Video Episode #2 of the Sea Tree Wonder journey! As two family members & best friends for life, we are on a quest to find, experience, and share with the world, our daily joys, wonders & causes for appreciation. In this week’s video, we take you to a local city park to find wonder and joy in appreciating trees and finding "wonderments".

Amidst a busy & stressful day, we decided to press the pause button on the craziness and go visit a park on an afternoon in late summer. Thanks to being on a DAILY QUEST to find wonders and things to appreciate, we knew it was time to get outside and find joy. We went to Cornwall Park in Bellingham, WA which happens to be a beautifully forested park with trees of all ages right in the center of a small city! As soon as we arrived at the park, time slowed down and we found happiness as we began finding wonder. TREES quickly became the focus of our awe.

It would have been easy to say, why go to the park? We have no time. Yet because of the wonder quest, we knew we needed to find wonder, so we went to the park, and we were so much happier because of it. Our brief time at the park, was the memorable & meaningful highlight of the day. Thanks to our “finding wonder” commitment, we concluded our day as much happier people because we had spent time finding & feeling wonder, along with soaking in the tranquility & beauty of trees.

As you can see in this week’s video episode, we are TREE APPRECIATORS. (If you didn’t know that about us already, now you do…) Whether it’s the small trees in the backyard, big trees at the park, the forests while out on a hike, or even appreciating the beauty of trees as we drive by them in the car, spending time amongst trees inspires & renews us. We love trees and for us they represent the beautiful terrestrial life-giving presence of our great blue & green planet. It is this love for trees that inspired us to incorporate “tree” into the name of our finding joy & wonder journey… Sea Tree Wonder.

We love so many different kinds of trees. We love learning about trees. And we love being in the presence of all different kinds of tree species. Every day, even on the rainy days spent indoors, we will have moments of wonderment for trees. Honestly, there isn’t a day that passes that we don’t feel gratitude for the trees in our midst, the trees in the special places we enjoy visiting, and the awareness for forests that grace the Earth. In our most exhausted and stressed out moments, if we can slow down, take in a deep breath, and think about trees…we instantly feel more relaxed.

Trees = Wonder

In the comment section below, share with us your stories or feelings of tree wonder and tree inspired "wonderments" :-) Let’s have fun interacting and sharing wonders & appreciation with each other.

If you haven't watched the Sea Tree Wonder Video Premiere, here is the link to see it. In our video premiere, we share the why & purpose of the Sea Tree Wonder journey and share a bit about ourselves. Check it out :-)

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This is only the 2nd video episode of the WONDER ADVENTURE!

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Wendy (Sequoia Win’Ni) & Megan

and "Wonder DOGS" Uluru & Konane

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