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Episode #21. Finding FUN in Happy Working Adventures of Daily Home Life

We may be stuck inside at home with nowhere to go right now, but that does not mean we have to give up on being FUN LOVING ADVENTURERS. Click the VIDEO below & WATCH this week's FUN filled & inspiring film.

Daily home chores do not have to be happiness downers. Perhaps “finding the adventure” even in chores, can bring much needed smiles, joy and hope to your heart. It is easy to appreciate incredible natural wonders in the great outdoors, or have an "exciting adventure" if you are visiting some place you have never been before... Imagine how fun the adventures of the great outdoors or places unknown can be if you can have this much fun cleaning house!

It's amazing how much fun you can have with a bit of focused mindset and intentional fun finding focus. With an adventurous wonder finding attitude, it becomes easy to find and appreciate simple joys.

We did not make a cleaning house video. We made an inspiring video about experiencing joy, wonder and thankfulness even when the tasks at hand seem mundane.

---> Here are some fun & deep thinking ideas on how you can turn

your daily home chores into a fun & meaningful WONDER filled adventure...

~ Focus on your ability to be a difference maker.

If you do nothing to clean house, your house gets messy. If you take actions to keep things tidy & clean... you make a difference! It's fun to be a difference maker! :-) Notice the difference and let yourself appreciate the differences between mess and no mess.

~ Let yourself feel the good feeling of taking care of something you love.

It feels good to take care of things. Let yourself feel the joy of taking care of the place you call home. If your home were a person or creature, you would want to take care of it to keep it healthy. If you think of your house as sort of like a living entity, then it feels good to take care of it. Be compassionate towards your home.

~ Be nice to yourself.

It feels good to give presents to people you love. How about giving yourself the present of a clean house? You know you will love it!

~ As you do a chore, intentionally make some action of the chore funny or goofy.

Often there is something kind of awkward about a task... notice whatever that is and let it inspire you to smile. Perhaps the task is monotonous and repetitive? Add some extra element of funny randomness to the repetitive actions... let yourself giggle and laugh. Reasons for joy are always worth appreciating!

~ As you clean & tidy house, sing a song, play music, bust some dance moves...

The power of music and song can have a really inspiring & uplifting impact on boring or monotonous activities. Make it a party as you clean. You will have more fun, and does anything else really matter? Life is about experiencing joy, right?

Share & interact with us in the

COMMENT section below…

In the comments, share with us a comment of something that you are appreciating in your daily life right now. No wonderment is too simple to appreciate. By actually writing down something that you really appreciate, you’ll feel happier.

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~ How do you find joy in cleaning house chores? How do you make it fun?

~ How do you make something not very exciting, fun?

~ Share with us your fun “wonderments” inspired from simple daily chores…

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We are building a FINDING JOY ONLINE COMMUNITY and we look forward to sharing our joys and wonders with each other. Together, we can inspire & uplift each other through sharing gratitude, joy, inspiration, and wonder with each other.

Episode Credits:

In this film, all video & photos were filmed by the two of us.

The WONDERful MUSIC that goes into underscoring our videos is ALL licensed through Artlist.

Musical Artists heard in THIS FILM:

~ Hanjo Gabler, Max H, Shtriker Band, Bob Hart, Anthony Lazaro & Marc Robillard

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Friends, please make safe & healthy daily choices. During this Coronavirus pandemic, stay home & stay healthy for yourself and everyone you love.

We are all a part of the solution, and because of that hope & wonder abounds!

Cheers to making the most fun possible even in simple everyday home chores & tasks. (Just because you have to do something, does not mean that you can’t have fun doing it.)

Your friends,

Wendy (Sequoia Win’Ni) & Megan

and "Wonder DOGS" Uluru & Konane

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