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Episode #22. DAFFODILS: A Story of Wonder in a Creative World of Spring Flowers

Enjoy this inspiring short film that reveals the mysterious wonders & miraculous natural beauty of Spring daffodils. It’s a story about daffodils and the people who turn pollination into an art form to create and inspire new daffodils that you have probably never seen before…

Click the VIDEO below & WATCH this week's WONDER filled & inspiring short film.

---> Please NOTE: **The entire filming and creation of this short film, involved strict adherence to proper healthy physical distancing due to the Covid19 pandemic.

We hope you enjoy joining us as we visit our dear friends in their beautiful garden. Bill Carter is a daffodil enthusiast & cultivator creating new daffodil varieties. In this fun interview style video, Bill shares his experiences & wisdom with us. Listening to his story can inspire us all to cultivate greater patience in our lives and in the garden…

While this is not a "how to cultivate daffodils" video, it’s pretty incredible to have glimpse into the incredible natural wonder of the daffodil’s anatomy and the wonderment of pollination.

Bill's interest and fascination with daffodils has been growing his whole life. Since childhood, he was planting daffodil bulbs and finding wonder in how the daffodil bulbs multiplied over the years. As an adult, he moved his daffodil bulbs from house to house as his career moved him and his family around the country. Once in the Pacific Northwest, Bill and his wife Teri, began learning about the different qualities and varieties of daffodils that existed. Their eyes were opened when they experienced "show variety daffodils" up close. Since then, curiosity and fascination with the diverse & vast array of "show daffodils" helped foster his commitment to learn & master the art of daffodil pollination. As a cultivator of daffodils, Bill shows daffodils at regional and national daffodil shows, and works to create new daffodil varieties of his own influence. To cultivate new varieties of daffodils requires great patience and organization which accompanies Bill's lifelong passion & fascination for these remarkable Spring flowers.

Learn More about Bill Carter’s DAFFODILS by visiting:


Along with interviewing our good friend, Bill about his daffodils and the art of daffodil pollination, we marveled at the very flowers that were inspiring this whole conversation. As we stared at these flowers in wonder, and listened to Bill, we realized that many inspiring parallels exist between cultivating daffodils and cultivating a life filled with wonder...

There are many natural "wonderments" in this glorious world, and much of life is based on the unique happenings of each season. Many say that the blooming of daffodils truly signals the arrival of Spring, and the sunnier warmer days to come...

It's quite wonderful how a flower can inspire so much excitement, hope & joy.

It’s really very amazing what can be created when your excited and challenged to create something new. Sometimes, new creations can be made quickly and with a sort of liberating artistic randomness.

If however, you want to create a new daffodil flower, you have to nurture your sense of excitement for your new flower creation while you exercise great patience and organization.

From the time two flowers are cross pollinated, make seeds, make bulbs, make flowers, flower a second year, and then become bulbs ready to go to market... many many years have passed. During that time great patience and organization is required in order for that new daffodil variety to be officially created.

Anything as wondrous as a flower is worth waiting for and often it's the experience of "waiting" that makes something truly remarkable!

What is it that makes people spend great amounts of time cultivating daffodils, intentionally pollinating flowers in order to create new daffodil varieties, and waiting years and years to see the fruit of all the work? The challenge of creating something new, even if it’s years off in the future is invigorating. The joy of anticipation certainly fuels the efforts and gives meaning to the whole endeavor.

Isn't it special that daffodils have so much to teach us if

we open our eyes, hearts & minds to notice?

Once in a while a single daffodil stem has two flowers... Some years a normally 6 petaled daffodil flower will have 8 petals one year, and then be back to 6 petals the next…

Uncertainty gives life adventure. The mystery of variance gives us all hope that life’s unpredictability is all part of life’s daily wonders. Perhaps it’s the uncertainties of life that inspire us to have hope in the miracles of life.

We hope this short film inspires you to appreciate even more, those cheery bright flowers that start appearing in the Spring... Daffodils come in all sorts of sizes, textures, colors, proportions and varieties. Perhaps you'll never look at another daffodil the same way again?

These beautiful flowers are filled with the miraculous mysteries of nature, along with a combination of the persistent, creative and driven ways of the human ingenuity that helped to create them. Just like every person has a story to tell, so does a daffodil!

"In this flower is great wonder.

Because of this flower,

more wonders are inspired.

This means that as real as this flower is,

so too is the realness of wonder."

~ Megan Bloom

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Learn More about Bill Carter’s DAFFODILS by visiting:


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Episode Credits:

In this film, all video & photos were filmed by the two of us. All daffodil videography is of the Carter’s daffodils.

~ Exception includes some photographs by our friend, Teri Carter, from daffodil conventions & shows.

~ Exception also includes video & photos licensed through Unsplash, “Barn with Reddish Roof” Mick Haupt, “Old Barn” Dan Meyers, “People Sunset Silhouettes” & “Overhead People Striped Sidewalk” by Mario Purisic, “Passion Led Us Here” Ian Schneider, “Arm in Arm” Duy Pham, and “Hand in Hand” & “Silhoutte Group” by Perry Grone.

~ Exception also includes video & photos licensed through Pexels, “Daffodils and Houses” by George Morina, “Barn Door Video” Matthias Groeneveld, “Apple in Tree Tom Swinnen, “Apple Tree” Kabommpics, and “People Feet Walking Street” Pixabay.

The WONDERful MUSIC that goes into underscoring our videos

is ALL licensed through Artlist.

Musical Artists heard in THIS FILM:

~ Ohad Ben Ari, Yoavllan, Liveo Bartolo, Ziv Moran, Loya, Hanjo Gabler, Ian Post, Jamie Bathgate, Kadir Demir, ANBR, and Marc Robillard

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