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Episode #24. The Wonder of WONDER: Reason for Wonderment

Have you ever wondered, what is a life that is filled with wonder? In this video episode, we explore the feeling of wonder and awe, and how a little bit of wonder creates real life authentic happiness. Enjoy our creative exploration into the “wonder of WONDER”… Click the VIDEO below & WATCH this week's WONDER filled mini movie about WONDER.

Life can feel quite complex, confusing & challenging. People of all ages, financial circumstances, degrees of education, backgrounds, health etc... find themselves missing out on the daily joy of being HAPPY. Unfortunately, many people are missing out on the joys of life! Imagine if more people were just a little bit happier each and every day...

We have years of personal experience of feeling too run down & overwhelmed to really be happy, or waiting for the "dream" to happen in order to be more happy. Though that is not at all what life is about. Life is about being all out HAPPY NOW, because "waiting" or "wishing" something different to happen to be happier will not to do the trick. There are no tricks to happiness, and there are no guaranteed timelines in life. Life is here and now, and there is no time like the present to be happy.

It is not about how much any of us "have" or "don't have" that determine our happiness level. Massive quantities of sound reasoning and science has confirmed the concept that "money cannot buy happiness"... and neither can all the other things that seem to challenge our human happiness scales.

Everyone has different life circumstances, though these life circumstances are not the key markers for determining our happiness levels. It is up to each of us to cultivate our capacity to feel daily wonderment. It is this feeling of wonder and awe that actually inspires our true happiness... and that is why we decided to make a mini-movie about WONDER!!

It is easy to appreciate the grand, obvious and extraordinary wonders of the world... though what about the wonders that are a bit less obvious, often smaller, and perhaps relatively ordinary?

By opening our eyes, hearts & minds to the countless millions and billions of wonders that are all around us, we let ourselves be happy and isn't that what life is all about?

When we asked ourselves the question,

what is wonder? these were some of our our answers...

Wonder is a real feeling... a sincere feeling that cannot be faked or pretended.

Wonder is waking up in the morning with purpose.

To really feel wonder is to embrace and decide that no matter how things work out throughout life, you, me, and all of us have the ability to empower ourselves to choose to see life with open-minded curiosity, appreciation, love, trust, creativity and playfulness.

Wonder is about finding and feeling simple joy in life no matter how things turn out in life...

Wonder is about letting yourself be happy, even if you think you shouldn't get to be happy.

Wonder is about being playful.

Wonder is about running barefoot on a sandy beach.

Wonder is about splashing about in puddles on a rainy day.

Wonder is about deciding to visit places you have never seen before because there is no time like the present.

Wonder is about even finding something to laugh about when you clean house.

Wonder is about being in the respectful presence of creatures that stir your heart and soul.

Wonder is about spending time with people and animals you love.

Wonder is all those simply, or grandly, wonders that are so wondrous that they are "wonderments".

"Wonderments" are those moments when you are in a state of complete awe, admiration, and "oh wow"! Wonderment is when wonder sweeps through your whole being. It is when you stand before something wondrous and say, "what a wonderment!".

Life is filled with a whole lot more joy and happiness when wonderments are appreciated.

If life's about being happy, than that means,

life is about appreciating countless "wonderments".

Cheers to the wonder of WONDER!

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In the comments, share with us a comment of something that you are appreciating in your daily life right now. No wonderment is too simple to appreciate. By actually writing down something that you really appreciate, you’ll feel happier...

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~ What does it really mean to feel wonder?

~ What is a life that is filled with wonder?

~ What does the wonder of WONDER mean to you?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We are building a FINDING JOY ONLINE COMMUNITY and we look forward to sharing our joys and wonders with each other. Together, we can inspire & uplift each other through sharing gratitude, joy, inspiration, and wonder with each other.

Episode Credits:

In this film, all video & photos were filmed by the two of us.

~ Exception includes 3 photos licensed through Unsplash, “Grand Canyon” by Alan Carrillo, “Night Sky” by Ryan Hutton & “Antelope Canyon” by Madhu Shesharam

~ Exception includes 2 videos licensed through Pexels, “Night Sky” by Louai Munajim & “Time Lapse of Milky Way” by Vimeo from Pexels

The WONDERful MUSIC that goes into underscoring our videos

is ALL licensed through Artlist.

Musical Artists heard in THIS FILM:

~ Livio Bartolo, Kevin Graham, Marco Martini, Loya, Yoavllan and Marc Robillard

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Amidst this uncertain and often very strange feeling era, may we all remember that we are ALL in this life experience together. A little bit of compassion for ourselves, and others, can go a long ways to creating a happier, safer and more loving world. Empower yourself by remembering that YOU are part of the "solution", and because of that hope & wonder abounds!

Cheers to the wonder of WONDER!

Now go get busy finding wonder, and when you find wonder, reach out and let us know. Life is too precious to miss out on sharing wonders with each other.

Your friends,

Wendy (Sequoia Win’Ni) & Megan

and "Wonder DOGS" Uluru & Konane

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