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Episode #25. Rhododendrons - COLOR Filled Journey Where Inspired Adventure BLOOMS

Come along on an inspiring joy filled video adventure to appreciate the bushy evergreen shrubs that color the outdoors with brilliance during the late Spring season. You are in for a major dose of happiness and wonder in this COLOR filled short film filled with BLOOMS! Click the VIDEO below & WATCH this week's video...

This year the rhododendrons and azaleas have really caught our attention and inspired us to pause to appreciate their natural beauty. These floral splashes of color have brought countless smiles to our faces and hearts throughout the past month or so, and now we are excited to share these inspiring blooms in a short film adventure.

Amidst this Coronavirus era, we find ourselves at home day after day… only going out for walks in our local neighborhood. Our walks have become meaningful adventures to find and appreciate wonders. With the growing season in full swing, there are so many wonders to appreciate. That said, these gorgeously vibrant rhododendrons and azaleas have lately been the memorable and very colorful blooms in our collection of wonderments.

Since filming these rhododendron wonder filled moments, the rhododendron and azalea blooms have faded and fallen. Honestly, we find ourselves a bit saddened to see the gorgeous and colorful blooms finish for the season. What we have come to realize is that a huge part of what is so spectacular about these rhodie blooms is that they are not around all year long. For a few special weeks each year, we have a chance to appreciate the wonder of rhododendron and azalea blooms... and after their blooms fade, there will be new wonders to appreciate. The changes of every season really do inspire wonder and reason for awe.

This short film celebrates the color and beauty of the rhododendrons and our wonder for these evergreen bushes that bloom in the late Spring. Enjoy this video episode as an adventure to appreciate blooming rhododendrons and azaleas at any time of the year! For like the leaves on these evergreen bushes, this video can color the screen any day.

Some Noteworthy & Mentionable Rhododendron Facts:

~ Over a thousand species of rhododendrons are found natively throughout the world, ranging from the Pacific Northwest & California to the Appalachians, throughout Europe and much of Asia.

~ Rhododendrons are incredible evergreen woody shrubs. (Evergreen = trees or plants that keep their leaves throughout the year)

~ The word rhododendron is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning “rose tree”.

... In Ancient Greek ῥόδον rhódon "rose" and δένδρον déndron "tree"

~ The often smaller shrubs, called azaleas actually make up two subgenera of rhododendrons. Azaleas are distinguished by having only five anthers per flower.

~ The rhododendron is the state flower of both Washington State and West Virginia. The rhododendron is also the national flower of Nepal.

~ Care should be taken for rhododendrons to be admired, though not eaten. They can be highly toxic to both people and animals.

~ Rhododendrons range in size from the smallest variety being 4 inches tall, to the largest growing to nearly 100ft in height.

This handful of rhododendron facts adds to the wonderment we already felt for these magnificent rhododendrons…

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Episode Credits:

In this film, all video & photos were filmed by the two of us.

~ Exception includes 2 photos licensed through Unsplash, “Isolated Rhodie Cluster” by Zhen Hu and “Rhodie Cluster Overhang Wall by Kelly Sikkema.

~ Exception also includes old world map overlay

with destination points by Apple iMovie Sample Content.

The WONDERful MUSIC that goes into underscoring our videos

is ALL licensed through Artlist.

Musical Artists heard in THIS FILM:

~ Anthony Lazaro, Rex Banner and Marc Robillard

**Also used 2 Apple Final Cut Pro X Sample Content musical selections

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Cheers to the wonder of wonder and the wonder of the natural world! Color and life abound to be appreciated if we open our eyes, hearts & minds to notice…

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