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Episode #26. "Finding WONDER" Vloggers on a Big FORD TRUCK Quest

We are on a quest for a big Ford F350 4x4 diesel dually truck and we are bringing you along with us as we head to Seattle, WA to test drive a potential vehicle. We are about to get our TINY HOUSE, and we are preparing to be highly mobile with our custom made home on wheels. A powerful diesel truck is a must!! Finding a truck with the needed specifications and price has it’s challenges, though with an outlook inspired by finding wonder, our experience becomes a great adventure. Come along for a great ride!

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Yes, you heard that right! We are preparing to live in a tiny house on wheels full time! The ability to go on the road with our tiny house and see North America is being worked into all of our plans. Much of our new house is being built by a small RVIA certified tiny house building company in BC, Canada. In August, the builders will deliver our nearly complete tiny house to us here in Washington State. At that time, we have a fair amount of customization carpentry work to do to make the house ready for actually living and traveling in.

Everyday we are super busy preparing to downsize into our new TINY HOUSE by the end of summer. We will be living in a tiny house on wheels VERY SOON! We are really very excited for our new life chapter that we are about to start, and we are so grateful that we get to share our journey with you!

Right now it feels like we are juggling what feels like

a million important things that have to get done!

One of the top concerns, has been the search to find the truck that we really need to have in order to be able to move our own house around. You see, our house is being built to be a highly mobile tiny house that will be our home on wheels for wherever we decide to explore. Our goal is to have freedom and flexibility with where we live in our tiny house. We do not have a single location to just have our house delivered to and set for good. We are looking at a future of moving around with our tiny house on wheels. A lot of thought and considerations has gone into planning and preparing for this major life transition into tiny home living and a nomadic lifestyle.

Also, many hours have gone into researching the types of vehicles and specs that a truck must have to safely tow our soon to be goose-neck design tiny house. We have test driven a variety of trucks, though finding a truck in our price range has been a challenge.

Since January of 2020, we have been constantly looking for trucks, especially within a 500 mile radius of where we live. Covid19 shutdowns put our search and test drives on hold for a bit, then things began opening back up. There are not that many trucks with the specs we are looking for, or the price tag that we need to see. After many sleepless nights of wondering what we would do if we could not buy a truck before getting our tiny house, we finally decided to release our fears of "not finding the truck in time". Incredibly enough, once we decided to release the focus on having to find "our truck" right away, we suddenly did find our truck.

Trusting in the wonders of life and having faith in the cosmic perfection of it all, is sure a more joy filled way to live. And in this case, it helped us finally be ready for "our truck" when it suddenly became available for us.

Amidst massive financial challenges caused by Covid19, we are also in a big life shift as we completely change up our living situation. Over the next couple of months we have a LOT of work to do to get ready for our new little tiny house. While stresses, tough decisions, and hard-work must be done every day, we are filled with great excitement for our future!

One of the best parts of this whole journey, is sharing it with you. As life adventurers on a mission to find and share simple and grand life wonders with the world, we are finding that our Sea Tree Wonder inspired mission is really helping us keep our attitude of gratitude, happiness compass, and eyes open to celebrating all the wonderments.

Thank you for being a major part of our "finding wonder" journey.

If you are reading this, please know how grateful we are for your

interest, interaction, appreciation & support!

The specs of our new to us used truck, "Copper"...

  • 2011 Ford F350

  • 6.7L Power Stroke™ turbo diesel engine

  • 4x4

  • Dual Rear Wheels

  • Crew Cab

  • About 124,000 miles on it

While we juggle the loads of stuff that we have to get done in the next 8 weeks or so, we cherish your patience in understanding that right now we cannot always create, edit & post a regular video. We are recording lots of our "finding wonder" moments as we navigate this interesting time in our lives, and videos will continue to be posted. Creating meaningful & hopefully inspiring short films to share with the world is our passion.

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The WONDERful MUSIC that goes into underscoring our videos

is ALL licensed through Artlist.

Musical Artists heard in THIS FILM:

~ Hans Johnson, Faith Richards, LMOP, Ziv Moran, Peter Spacey, Josh Fuhrmeister, Hanjo Gabler, The Hazlenuts, and Marc Robillard

Also used “44th Street Medium”, “First Snow Fall”, “Buddy”, “Travel” and “Vino” Apple Final Cut Pro X Sample Content musical selections

In this film, all video & photos were filmed by the two of us.

~ Exception includes 1 photograph license through Unsplash, “Mechanical Wrenches” by NeOBRAND

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Amidst this uncertain and often very strange feeling era, may we all remember that we are ALL in this life experience together. A little bit of compassion for ourselves, and others, can go a long ways to creating a happier, safer and more loving world. Empower yourself by remembering that YOU are part of the "solution", and because of that hope & wonder abounds!

We are building a FINDING JOY ONLINE COMMUNITY & we look forward to sharing our joys and wonders with each other. THANK YOU for watching and joining in the supportive “appreciating wonders community” that is Sea Tree Wonder!

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Your friends,

Wendy (Sequoia Win’Ni) & Megan

and "Wonder DOGS" Uluru & Konane

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