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Episode #27. Appreciating TREES & Summer Leaves - NATURE’S Makeover

Looking for fresh air, natural beauty & some joy? Join us for a “WONDERfilled” summertime walk in a park. Even just a few minutes spent basking & breathing in the natural beauty of the trees has an influential way of filling any day with a bit more wonder… a little bit of wonder makes any day a whole lot happier!

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Winter turns to spring and spring turns to summer, and the bare winter trees spring forth and open a green canopy of leaves. The natural process of changing seasons brings a beautiful certainty to life.

On this summer day the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the air is fresh with the scent of blooming flowers. We return to one of our favorite city parks in Bellingham, Washington, Elizabeth Park. The trees are spectacular and butterflies float from one blooming flower to another. It’s a perfect afternoon for a bit of nature bathing.

Appreciating these trees fills the appreciator with wonder and curiosity… how old are these trees? What have these trees been witness to? If they spoke our language, what would these trees say? Perhaps if we just spend a bit more time with these trees we may hear, see and feel what they have to say in their own tree language. No matter the case, every time we leave a park filled with inspiring trees, we leave as happier people.

One tree captivates our wonder filled awe and we find ourselves calling this tree, "Resilient Tree". Last winter when this tree had no leaves it looked so broken and injured. Now with summer's leafy makeover underway, this tree inspires us with it's resilience and strength.

Have you seen our WINTER time adventure to this same sweet city park?

“Winter TREES Bare of Leaves: Inspiring Wonder & Strength in Nature's Beauty”


*** Autumn 2020 update… We are transitioning from a lifestyle based in a regular house into a TRAVELING TINY HOUSE RV. Everything in our life is changing right now from where and how we are going to live, to how we earn a living while pursuing our heart and soul dreams. While we certainly have a lot to do and a lot to figure out right now, we are adventurers, filmmakers, artists, dancers, teachers and writers on a mission to share wonders with the world and with you.

While we juggle the loads of stuff that we have to get done in the immediate weeks, we cherish your patience in understanding that right now we cannot always create, edit & post a regular video. We are recording lots of our "finding wonder" & "tiny house" moments as we navigate this interesting time in our lives, and videos will continue to be posted. Creating meaningful & hopefully inspiring short films to share with the world is our passion.

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~ Exception includes 1 photograph licensed through Unsplash, “Butterfly” by Alan Emery

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Amidst this uncertain and often very strange feeling era, may we all remember that we are ALL in this life experience together. A little bit of compassion for ourselves, and others, can go a long ways to creating a happier, safer and more loving world. Empower yourself by remembering that YOU are part of the "solution", and because of that hope & wonder abounds!

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