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Episode #28. Celebration of a HOME - Love, DANCE & Gratitude

Have you ever had to say goodbye to a HOME you really loved that was not yours to keep? This is our VIDEO THANK YOU LETTER to an incredible house and the person who let us call it home for a while. WATCH the video adventure...

We are now moving on to a future of being full-time traveling tiny house RV adventurers, yet we are who we are today and we are ready for what we are ready for because of our very meaningful time spent in this special house.

Sometimes heroes show up in unsuspecting ways and offer help at an important life moment. If we are to express our gratitude in words, it would be to say,

Dear Hero,

For this public letter we will keep your name anonymous, though we will call you our hero, because that is what you are to us.

Thank you for granting us nineteen glorious months living in the Italian Villa of our dreams and thank the grace of the Universe for having it be right here in our home town of Bellingham, Washington. The last year and half spent living in this beautiful home was spectacular and will never be forgotten.

When we sold our house in the Spring of 2019 we did not know what we were going to do or what we could afford to do in our search for a new home. At that time, you generously decided to let us be the residents and stewards of your unique, creative and beautiful house. The deal was incredibly simple. We could live there temporarily while we sorted through our housing options.

We now say good bye to the beautiful house that you let us call home for a while. We leave with a wish fulfilled, a destiny revealed, hearts filled with love, and many amazing memories.

For over 15 years we had dreamed of living in an Italian Villa and having a ballroom in our house where we could dance daily and teach our ballroom dance lessons without leaving home. You granted us that wish.

We always wished we could live for a while in the Fairhaven area of our town, and viola there we lived. Our neighborhood walks were enchanting and unforgettable.

With the time we had in the house which we called “Inizi” which means new beginnings in Italian, we were able to sort out enough stuff to now be ready to start our new life chapter.

We are now moving on to a future of being fulltime traveling tiny house RV adventurers, yet we are who we are today and we are ready for what we are ready for because of our very meaningful time spent in this special house.

While this is a big goodbye which always seems to make us cry, it really is a giant thank you. You are our hero and always will be.

Thank you from the depths of our hearts.

With love,

Megan and Wendy

A significant wonderment of living in this beautiful house, was the large dance floor space. We love to dance everyday, and having a ballroom in our house was a dream come true. This large beautiful ballroom floor space will be the thing we miss most about this house!

"I love to dance! Dancing brings me great joy and so much wonder! I am a dancer and dancing every day is part of who I am." ~ Megan

Thank you for joining us as we say thank you to an incredible person who let us be at home in their beautiful and unforgettable house. People say home is where the heart is, and we feel so grateful that our hearts got to call this wondrous house our home for the last year and a half.

It feels really good to thank the home that sheltered & inspired us. What do you feel about your home? It is a wonderment how good it feels to thank a home… yes, we know a home is an inanimate object, but go thank your home and then let us know how you feel?

Sometimes goodbyes seem so permanent and concluding.

If the memories can last a life time, than why say good bye,

if saying thank you feels a whole lot more wonder filled?

*** October 2020 update… We are transitioning from a lifestyle based in a regular house into a TRAVELING TINY HOUSE RV. We are currently working daily on all the finishing work in our new tiny house, while we live in a little travel trailer. While we certainly have a lot to do and a lot to figure out right now, we are adventurers, filmmakers, artists, dancers, teachers and writers on a mission to share wonders with the world and with you.

While we juggle the loads of stuff that we have to get done in the immediate weeks, we cherish your patience in understanding that right now we cannot always create, edit & post a regular video. We are recording lots of our "finding wonder" & "tiny house" moments as we navigate this interesting time in our lives, and videos will continue to be posted. Creating meaningful & hopefully inspiring short films to share with the world is our passion.

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In this film, all video & photos were filmed by the two of us.

~ Exception includes 6 photographs licensed through Unsplash, “Bellingham Bay at Sunset”, “Boulevard Park Boardwalk”, “Marine Park”, “Fairhaven Sign” & “Fairhaven Red Building” by Pavl Polo and “Birds Eye View of Houses” by Tom Rumble

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