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Episode #30. Tiny House Rough to Smooth - A SANDING Wood Journey

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

We turn the time consuming task of sanding all the wood inside of our tiny house into a JOYfilled finding wonder adventure in this video episode! It’s pretty amazing what sandpaper, love, a lot of hard work and a “wonderment” focused attitude can do in the transformation of a house! Click to WATCH the video!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In our last video episode, we met our tiny house for the very first time when it rolled into our lives. We toured the inside of our tiny house for the first time, and felt great wonderment for our new home, along with anticipation for the long list of work ahead of us to do all the finishing work in and around our tiny house. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it now...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While we had help building the main part of our custom tiny house RV, it is up to us to do all the finishing work to make this our inspiring & traveling wooden house on wheels! Our tiny house has a “pro-built” start, though all of the finishing work is very "do it yourself".

All of the interior pine tongue and groove in our tiny house was installed by the main builder, though it is in a completely unfinished and rough edged state. It is up to us to sand the wood and prepare it for the non-toxic tung oil finish that we will be applying to all the raw wood. Along with sanding scuff marks, foot prints, and colored marks, off of the wood, there are also gouges in the wood that need to be softened & smoothed. All of the trim has very sharp edges and even rough cut shards for edges that need to be sanded off. Finishing nails have left holes on all trim and window sills and must be filled with colored wood putty. Nails tacking the tongue and groove to the framing sometimes need to be tapped in with a center punch. The main beams in the house are stained and marked up from their time in a construction yard. All of these roughnesses, while not interfering with the soundness of our house, are not in alignment with the aesthetic and quality craftsmen home vision that we are wanting in our new home, so we take on the task ourselves to smooth out the roughness and fill all the nail holes. It sounded like a simple enough undertaking in the beginning, though it turns into quite a lengthy and arduous undertaking.

By sanding and cleaning up every pine board in our house, we got to know all of our house inch by inch. It started out feeling like a job to accomplish, yet it became a personal journey of love and wonderment, not only for our tiny house, yet also for ourselves.

Sanding all of our tiny house taught us to have self love for ourselves no matter how long the job takes to accomplish. Our lives are filled with schedules, to do lists, and expectations, and this "sanding experience" threw all of those perimeters spinning. When things go majorly differently than planned, it is easy to feel disappointed and frustrated with ourselves and the situation, yet, no good comes from being "disappointed in self" for not getting something done faster. While in the midst of this lengthy process, we realized that no matter how long something takes to accomplish, in the completion of our house, that the most important aspect of our focus is the love, intentionality and joy that we are pouring into our house.

With the feeling of joy, comes the inspiration for wonderment! "Rushing" through something, to get to the "next stage" squishes out any room to feel wonder. What is our daily life about? We are placing our daily priority on appreciating life's wonders, rather than on mere productivity. If we focused solely on our productivity, could we ever do enough to make our selves happy? Probably not.

In addition to finding peace with ourselves and the revolutions of the clock hands, we also really became personally connected to our house by pouring our efforts, capabilities, time, and focus into making our new tiny house truly our home. Our tiny house journey is only just beginning, and we are already learning so much about ourselves and our home! We are falling in love with our home! It feels really good to spend day after day in our house.

Some of our most frequently appreciated daily wonderments inspired by sanding our tiny house have been...

~ Sand paper and effort combined to make rough wood smooth...

~ The smell of raw wood... in our situation a house filled with the scent of pine

~ The visible difference of a marked up piece of wood that can be transformed to

a smooth beautiful piece of wood = wonderment

We never predicted that we would spend so much time sanding the inside of our tiny house, yet now that we have, it’s difficult to imagine having spent any less time pouring our hearts and souls into making this home ours. There is something quite wondrous that happens when you pour all of your energy into something that you care about. The results often inspire wonderment.

There is also something sort of magical that happens when it takes weeks and weeks to do a job. Any previous conceptions of a space’s small size seem to evaporate. The longer it takes to do a job in our tiny house, the larger our tiny house grows in size. Perhaps it’s a really good thing when a tiny house feels like a really big space! For us, it’s a wonderment!

After spending a good part of a month sanding the inside of our tiny house, we are now ready to finish all the wood with non-toxic natural tung oil. Like the sanding chapter of our tiny house fix up journey, tung oiling the interior and exterior of our house will be filled with surprises, wonderments and adventure too... Coming to you in the next video episode adventure!

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