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Episode #31. Tiny House + TUNG OIL = Natural Building Inspiring Wonderment

Join us on our quest to create a healthy, non-toxic & eco-friendly tiny home while we appreciate life “wonderments” on the journey. Click to WATCH the video!

In this video episode adventure, we are tung oiling the exterior & interior of our wooden tiny house on wheels with a 100% natural tung oil wood finish. We share with you what tung oil is, what products we used in our tiny house and our version of how to tung oil while finding WONDER. It’s an inspiring DIY house project full of mess, success and wonderments!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In our last video episode... we prepared our tiny house for tung oiling in epic and often funny SANDING escapades. It’s pretty amazing what sandpaper, love, a lot of hard work and a “wonderment” focused attitude can do in the transformation of a house! If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it now...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you haven’t seen us much yet, then let me just say now, that we generally do a really a good job of turning a hardworking sort of task into a fun filled finding wonder adventure. This doesn’t mean we love working, but when we do, we seek out ways to make the work be a bit more playful.

Throughout this whole experience, we found some of the following outlooks to really be helpful in our daily quest to appreciate wonderments and live joyfully...

~ Tung oiling is a messy undertaking for sure that’s not unlike everyday life... Once again this whole process reminds us that no matter how much any of us want to jump from point A to point B, life is a journey and it’s often messy, it’s not about how messy or perfect our lives are that determine our level of daily happiness, it is the outlook in which we choose to live our daily lives that empowers our ability to live a happy life filled with wonderment.

~ So much intention, research, and learning has gone into many of our decisions regarding our tiny house. That being said, sometimes when you are in the midst of an "adventure", it’s best to not ask too many questions, though simply to carry on and let the details fall into place!

~ While tung oiling the interior of our tiny house, it rained a lot outside which made opening up windows and doors tough because then rain would blow inside the house and get things wet! Fortunately, problem solving and creative solutions are born out of need. Sometimes, it’s dealing with day after day challenges that shows one self how resourceful and strong one truly is.

~ If there is any encouragement we can offer from our experiences, it is to find and celebrate the wonders of everyday life, even when you are doing a less than favorite task. Life is too short to miss out on feeling the joy of the wonderments of daily life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Creating an Eco-Tiny House...

In our mission to create a mostly non-toxic and the healthiest home possible, that we can afford, we found a really great made in the USA company creating very natural wood finishing products, Real Milk Paint Company base in Tennessee.

For the exterior portion of our wood finishing project we are using a product made for exterior applications… Outdoor Defense Oil. It’s made from 100% natural tung oil, zinc and pine essential oil.

Inside our tiny house we are using a Half & Half blend of pure tung oil & citrus solvent… The citrus solvent is made from 98% pure citrus peel oil and 2% water. The citrus solvent is totally natural and is a very helpful thinner ingredient that liquefies the tung oil so that it can more easily penetrate the wood. After brushing and toweling it all on, oxygen begins reacting with the tung oil, and the tung oil begins curing and giving the wood a hard waterproof finish. Meanwhile all the liquid from the citrus solvent is evaporating.

It’s a pretty cool process… a chemistry wonderment for sure!

* Note about the Citrus Solvent Essential Oil smell... it is sooooooo strong! Air flow and fresh air is a must when working with this stuff… or else you get quite a bit woozy in the head. It will smell like a citrus explosion for a while. Fortunately, in time, the citrus solvent will all evaporate, and it won’t smell like a giant intoxicating orange explosion forever. Give it time... 30 days...

** While these products are 100% natural and quite safe to work with and handle, they are VERY messy and oily! So a painter’s coveralls, a shower cap, and face mask sure make clean up afterwards much easier. Also protective eye wear and face wear is important to wear. This is not the type of stuff that you want in your eyes, and when working above your head, and high on a ladder, protective eye wear is a must!

These products are very natural, and because they do not have synthetic ingredients, they really do take time to dry and/or cure. Know that when you use these products, they need some time, though the results, AND INGREDIENTS, are totally worth it!!

Interested in 100% natural tung oil products? Check out

**Note: this is NOT a sponsor. (We have no sponsors.) This is the product we chose because, for us, it was the best option for our needs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On the exterior siding of our tiny house we used two and half gallons of "Outdoor Defense Oil", for three coats of finish to protect all four sides of our tiny house. We felt a bit like forest creatures, preparing and fortifying their den site for the upcoming fall, winter and spring season weather.

In the interior of our tiny house we used 12 gallons of "Half & Half", Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent, to give all of the raw wood surfaces in our tiny house 5 coats of finish.

12 gallons in 12 long days of hard messy work! While getting the job done was the successfully achieved goal of all that work, the real wonder filled gift of the whole endeavor, was the wonderment experienced along the way.

If there is any encouragement we can offer from our experiences, it is to find and celebrate the wonders of everyday life, even when you are doing a less than favorite task. Life is too short to miss out on feeling the joy of the wonderments of daily life.

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