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Episode #32. NATURE Inspires ART & AWE - Inspiring Story of Wonderment

What happens when epic awe for nature & life is combined with an infinite stream of creative artistic expressions? The answer is coming to you in an inspiring video about us, the original art we create, and what inspires us to create our nature & wonderment inspired art. We are two Pacific Northwest artists and the co-artists of Rainbow Orca Designs and the co-creators of Sea Tree Wonder. We are artists, filmmakers, dancers, teachers, writers & adventurers with a passion to share inspiring art with the world and with YOU!

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We pour so much love, joy, intentionality, and time into all of the art that we create and share with the world. We are delighted that we have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you in this video, share with you how and why nature inspires the creation of our art, and how art inspires people to open their hearts to the wonders of our beautiful natural world.

Throughout both of our lives, we have each experienced life changing and life affirming experiences in nature and with animals that have made us into the people we are today. It’s through our connection and love of nature, that we are able to create meaningful nature & wildlife inspired art. Art does not come from nowhere. Art is born out of experiences, feelings, passion, heartache, joy, and wonder.

Throughout both of our lives, we have always created art and we have both worked with all sorts of art materials and in a variety of creative disciplines. In culmination from our experiences, we decided to join forces to collaborate together to create something unique and special that we had come up with together.

In 2012, we co-founded Rainbow Orca Designs to create and share nature and wildlife inspired art. We create from original drawing and sketches, our own patterns and designs that we then cut from hand-painted and varnished paper, and sculpt into one-of-a-kind unique indoor hanging ornament sculptures.

In addition to engineering and sculpting paper into a wide variety of animals, we also hand-sculpt an original free-hand wire sculpture for each paper sculpture. This art is unique and completely original by the two of us.

We now create well over 150 different kinds of wildlife, animal, and nature inspired sculptures. We share our art online through our Rainbow Orca Designs website gallery, and in the pre-pandemic era, in person at art shows.

Our sculptural work ranges in size from our hanging ornament sculptures that are about 7 to 8 inches tall, to 4-5 inches wide, and about 1 inch deep, to even smaller paper creations to really large framed 3-dimensional scenes and table top sculptures…

Every sculpture that we create is a collaboration between the two of us. We have each worked on each individual sculpture, and every sculpture is made just by the two of us. We pour so much love and joy into our art, and it is really meaningful to share our art with people. We put tons of time into creating unique and new art.

We also paint nature and wildlife scenes in watercolor and acrylic paint… that we share and make available for purchase in a variety of ways, including our 5x7 signed art greeting cards.

We are also in the midst of creating a whole variety of art inspired by our love of nature… in the form of jewelry, art miniatures, and affordable prints on a range of fun things like clothing, stickers and magnets.

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Curious about the story that inspired us to name

our art business Rainbow Orca Designs?

It is the meaningful name inspired by our mutual love of vibrant colors and our love for the orcas...

You see the salmon eating Southern Resident Orcas of the Pacific Northwest inspire immense wonder in our lives and the lives of many people! We have had the amazing opportunity to spend several weeks every summer for years… since 2004, watching J, K & L Orca whale pods from the west side of San Juan Island, Washington at Lime Kiln Point Lighthouse State Park.

The Endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales are a community of extended families that spend their lives together as they live, play, eat salmon, mate & raise their children in the inland waters of the Salish Sea, as well as out in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Our time spent watching & learning about this orca community has inspired our life in many ways! Their physical beauty, grace & power, combined with their incredible community driven, matriarchal society stirs wonder & compassion in our hearts & souls.

Our time spent at Lime Kiln Point Lighthouse State Park on the west-side of San Juan Island, Washington has been very influential too. This park is beautiful, and for us, it’s a home away from home. Throughout the years, so many meaningful experiences and friendships have been made in this special place, where the Southern Residents pass by. From sunrise to sunset, our days on the island have been filled with watching whales, learning about the Orcas, visiting with friends & making new friends, reading books, drawing sketches, hiking the park’s trails, picnicking, and soaking in the beauty of this unique paradise. All of these long summer days watching orca J, K, and L pods from Lime Kiln Lighthouse on San Juan Island are forever a part of who we are and an inspiring force for all the art that we create!

We donate 10% of the net profits from the sales of our Rainbow Orca Designs art to conservation, animal rescue, and humanitarian organizations related to that animal or design. It is meaningful to be able to give back a portion of our proceeds to help protect and care for the very animals that inspire all of our creations. Our artwork takes a lot of time to create, and we do not make very much money, yet, we all have the capacity to help ensure a healthy future for ourselves and the world if we care and take action. Donating some of our profits is one way that we give back in gratitude, preservation, and compassion.

Conservation is means a lot to us! So much wildlife, along with the landscapes that the wildlife depends upon is endangered right now. The influential orcas that we so dearly care about are endangered… yet our human capacity to move our hearts and bodies into collaborative action shall not be threatened into extinction.

Like so many incredible animals, these orcas are a wonder! Wonders inspire compassionate action. We all have unique capabilities and talents to share with the world, and that is reason for wonder.

It is a wonder to live on such a beautiful planet filled with such incredible and diverse animals and landscapes. It is a wonder that these remarkable animals and landscapes inspire our lives and livelihoods.

It is a wonder what beauty and collaboration comes from the pursuit of a wonder filled world.

Without nature, there would be no nature inspire art, and yet it is because of nature inspired art, that we all may have hope that we can and will find an enduring place for humanity to co-exist with nature and wildness.

Fine art takes a lot of time to make, and as each individual sculpture goes out into the world, a new one must be made… As very inspired and creative people who also dance, write and enjoy photography and film-making, we have been wanting to do something more for many years so that we could share with even more people. In the October of 2019, we officially co-founded and launched Sea Tree Wonder.

We mentioned earlier that we are also filmmakers, writers, dancers, and educators. Sea Tree Wonder is the creative result of that passion, purpose and expertise. As the creators of Sea Tree Wonder, we are inspiring and empowering people to experience and share daily reasons for happiness, wonder, and gratitude with each other. Through the creation and frequent sharing of inspiring short films and blog articles, Sea Tree Wonder is a way for us to share our creativity and joy with people all around the world, no matter how many sculptures we can or cannot make in any given week or month.

We create high quality, interesting and entertaining video episodes. In our Sea Tree Wonder short films we creatively weave adventures in the beautiful outdoors, with inspiring insights into creating daily happiness and living a life of purpose and joy. In our videos we join together beautiful music, dance, storytelling and engaging imagery to convey heartfelt and meaningful experiences.

Our journey to share our “wonder journey” has taken on an additional dimension recently. We recently become tiny house dwellers! Yes, we are creating and sharing all of our creations from a tiny wooden house on wheels. We designed our custom RV tiny house for the ability to slow travel North America, and have studio space for creating and sharing our art.

While we had help building the main part of our house by a tiny house builder, the finishing work has been all up to us. We are documenting & sharing our tiny house journey, and the adventures that are to come, in our inspiring Sea Tree Wonder videos and blogs.

If we can inspire people to have fun appreciating nature and their lives through watching our videos, then we are fulfilling our personal mission to inspire people to love themselves, love our incredible planet Earth, and love all the awe-inspiring creatures who call it home.

We invite you and we hope that you support and join us in our journey to share joy, wonder, appreciation, and kindness with the world through our Rainbow Orca Designs art creations, and through our Sea Tree Wonder video episodes and blog articles.

To see and shop our art gallery,

please visit Rainbow Orca Designs.

We have a large and diverse selection of art available for purchase directly from our website. If you are curious about a design or something you do not see on our website than please contact us. We may have what you are looking for or can make it for you. If you have any questions… about designs, shipping or whatever you can always feel comfortable to contact us!

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