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Episode #34. Tiny House DIY Transformation - Clever Artisan Wood Home on Wheels

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Our tiny house on wheels is transforming into a clever and beautiful artisan wood tiny home ready for travel. In this video episode, we are sharing the ideas, processes, installations, and outcomes of some of our favorite wooden tiny house DIY creations.

Everything being created for our tiny home is very custom! We build a wood cupboard system in our tiny house art studio, custom wooden stairs with cabinets and space for dog crates, special plant boxes for potted plants and bonsai trees, a bathroom bench, storage closet system and more! Enjoy this “installment” of our tiny house journey to get our custom wood RV on wheels much closer to becoming our traveling full-time home! Click to WATCH the video!

No matter how much wood we sand throughout this whole long wood finishing process, we constantly find ourselves saying, “Wow! Isn’t it amazing what happens when effort, sand paper, wood, and love is all combined to create something intentional and meaningful.” And all the time and effort poured into sanding this wood, inspires in us wonder and gratitude for the trees in which these wood boards came from.

We have several very dear house plants & bonsai trees that will be joining us for life in a traveling tiny house, which means we have to create a safe, functional, yet beautiful place for our plants to be when our house is stationary and when our house is moving.

Our incredible friend and wood worker turned our very custom stairs design on paper into actual and very beautiful wooden stairs. As with all of these custom made wood pieces going into our house, it is amazing how special and meaningful something becomes when you truly appreciate the time, care and attention to detail that goes into making it. Woodwork and craftsmanship is an art and what can be created are wonderments.

The wonder of seeing the wood grain pop when finish is applied

to the wood never ceases to amaze us!

Our carpenter friends who helped us make our special cupboards, planter boxes, and closet systems helped us to install the pieces in our house. After months of design work and tons of hours of work, the highly anticipated couple of days dedicated to installing theses custom pieces finally came! Even after all the tough work we have done to get to this point, it is tough to put into words how excited we are to actually see our tiny house starting to look more like our home!

Installing these custom wood pieces was no tiny job either. Installing big things in a tiny house was like a game of a life sized sliding block puzzle. We had to think smart about order, angles, and safety in order to achieve the final desired outcome… in our case the transformation of a construction site into a home.

Our woodworking friend found us a beautiful piece of walnut for our bench in the bathroom… once again the walnut oil and wax made for a wonderful wood finish celebrating the grain and the color in the walnut wood. The wood has incredible grain and color without the oil & wax, though the wood oil and wax finish lets the wood really shine in all its glory! The same could be said about daily life… Incredible wonders are happening all around us every day, though when we focus on appreciating those simple and grand wonders, the wonders really begin to shine, inspiring great joy!

We are finding & celebrating small and grand wonders in our daily life and our new artisan wood home on wheels is an exciting, inspiring & significant part of our life adventures. A home is meant to not only be a safe & comfortable shelter, though also a place that inspires life's joys, curiosity & adventures.

Our home will certainly be all that and more!

Creating an Eco-Tiny House...

In our mission to create a mostly non-toxic and the healthiest home possible, that we can afford, we found a really great made in the USA company creating very natural wood finishing products, Real Milk Paint Company based in Tennessee.

**Note: this is NOT a sponsor. (We have no sponsors.) This is the product we chose because, for us, it was the best option for our needs.

For the exterior portion of our wood finishing project we are using a product made for exterior applications… Outdoor Defense Oil. It’s made from 100% natural tung oil, zinc and pine essential oil.

Inside our tiny house we are using a Half & Half blend of pure tung oil & citrus solvent… The citrus solvent is made from 98% pure citrus peel oil and 2% water. The citrus solvent is totally natural and is a very helpful thinner ingredient that liquefies the tung oil so that it can more easily penetrate the wood. After brushing and toweling it all on, oxygen begins reacting with the tung oil, and the tung oil begins curing and giving the wood a hard waterproof finish. Meanwhile all the liquid from the citrus solvent is evaporating.

* Note about the Citrus Solvent Essential Oil smell... it is sooooooo strong! Air flow and fresh air is a must when working with this stuff… or else you get quite a bit woozy in the head. It will smell like a citrus explosion for a while. Fortunately, in time, the citrus solvent will all evaporate, and it won’t smell like a giant intoxicating orange explosion forever. Give it time... 30 days...

For some of our interior wood projects, we used the all natural Soapstone Sealer & Wood Wax that is made from food-grade Walnut Oil and T 1 Carnauba Wax Flakes. There are no solvents added which means no VOCs (volatile organic chemical) or added fragrances are in this product. Soapstone Sealer is made with entirely plant-based ingredients making it a vegan-friendly finish. We really like using this finish because it has very little scent and cures much faster than the tung oil and citrus solvent Half & Half product. We used this wood wax in on wood pieces that we needed finished and usable in a several day time frame versus closer to a month like our tung oiled wood pieces. While the finish is not as "hard" as tung oil, due to it's easy and quicker application, we can reapply additional coats of the wood wax when needed. We highly recommend this product!

Wood finishing is a wondrous process…

a chemistry wonderment for sure!

** While these products are 100% natural and quite safe to work with and handle, they are VERY messy and oily! So a painter’s coveralls, a shower cap, and face mask sure make clean up afterwards much easier. Also protective eye wear and face wear is important to wear. This is not the type of stuff that you want in your eyes, and when working above your head, and high on a ladder, protective eye wear is a must!

These products are very natural, and because they do not have synthetic ingredients, they really do take time to dry and/or cure. Know that when you use these products, they need some time, though the results, AND INGREDIENTS, are totally worth it!!

Interested in 100% natural tung oil products? Check out

**Note: this is NOT a sponsor. (We have no sponsors.) This is the product we chose because, for us, it was the best option for our needs.

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