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Ep. #38 - Surviving WINDSTORM in a Tiny House – How to Build Resilience In Yourself – Wonderment

Do you ever wonder how to build resilience in yourself, or how to be resilient in any situation? As wonderment seekers on a finding wonders quest, we are sharing our journey to build greater resilience in ourselves in inspiring videos about life as tiny house dwellers. Surviving windstorms and winter living in a tiny house, has a powerful way of either breaking you down or making you stronger and more resilient.

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This is our inspiring video about life experiences as two tiny house dwellers determined to seek wonders and feel wonderment even in very stormy & windy weather! Winter in a tiny house is anything but easy, and we find that wonder and resilience have a LOT to do with weathering storms! As we explore the wonder of wind, we also cultivate our “wonderment mindset”, and with our “wonderment perspective” we build greater resilience in ourselves to navigate through the storms of life!

A lot of people are faced with catastrophic wind events each year that wreck so much damage, destruction and pain in their lives. Experiencing the strength of a raging wind storm, a mighty hurricane, or terrifying tornado is a reality that many people have experienced personally. We feel blessed and grateful to have mostly avoided in our lives so far, the damage and heartache caused by extreme and catastrophic wind events. We feel great wonder and love for those who have survived destructive storms and we have great respect for all strong weather events and the powerful capabilities of wind.

Here we are in our new tiny house in a very exposed location where the winds meet our house undeterred. The winter winds hardly pause to become a breeze, though rather rage on continually as a wind with gusts that seem to have unpredictable capabilities that never let comfortability have a chance to grab a hold.

This location is testing our resilience and ability to find wonderment amidst ceaseless storms. Here we are in our brand new home on wheels, experiencing strong winds and freezing cold temperatures! There’s nothing like getting to know your tiny home and RV systems in the midst of winter weather!

As we experienced days of endless winter windstorms from our tiny house, we realized we had a choice to make in HOW we experienced and felt about the constant windy weather. It was easy to feel exhausted, worn out, and stressed by all the battering wind, and yet we have committed ourselves to the daily mission to discover how we can create and cultivate greater happiness, creativity and health in our daily lives. We realized that our finding wonders mission is the answer to how we could build resilience in ourselves and how we can be resilient in any situation.

By seeking out, finding, and then acknowledging the wonders of even an unpleasant experience, we find ourselves much more resilient to these windy winter weather storms. By SEEING these windstorms as a wonderment, inspiring our respect for its capabilities, we feel wonder and awe. We find that even feeling a little bit of awe and wonder for something, even if it’s something we don’t like or enjoy, gives us the strength to weather hardships and challenges with greater resilience.

We all know that challenges, hardships, seemingly overwhelming and disastrous situations are a part of living life, though how we see and think about these trials and tribulations affects our joy, health, and entire lives. By seeking the wonders, even in the tumultuous storms of our lives, we create for ourselves a “wonderment mindset” or a “wonderment perspective” that builds within us greater resilience and creative inspiration to navigate through the storms.

We live on a wondrous planet, in extraordinary times, and it is in our grasp to live extraordinarily wonder filled lives. Seek the wonders in your life and celebrate the wonderment you feel, and you will strengthen and build resilience in yourself.

Share with us in the video comments why feeling wonder and awe is important in your life... How do you build resilience in yourself?

Let’s have a conversation about how a wonderment mindset or wonderment perspective relates to greater resilience, inspiration and hope throughout our lives. Comment and share your experiences and thoughts.

During the months of December 2020, January, February & March 2021, we lived on a farm in northwest Washington state that had full RV hookups and spectacular mountain views, sunrises & sunsets, and incredible migratory bird watching opportunities. It was an unforgettable winter that we are excited to share with you in several video episodes. Our first parking spot location for life in our tiny house was Oostema Farmstead Campground in Lynden, Washington.

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In the last few video episodes we towed our tiny house for the FIRST TIME, we set up our RV hookups and moved in, celebrated our first Christmas in a tiny house, and said goodbye to something very dear to us... If you haven't watched them yet, here are they are...

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Our adventures began with a simple enough sounding question, how to be happy in life? Our best answer, make life an adventure filled with wonderment and awe. We are now tiny house dwellers and we are going to tiny house America with our traveling tiny house on wheels. Before we hit the road though, we have winter to live through in our tiny house and some important DIY projects to complete up. We will be sharing all that with you in the coming video episodes. See you next time, friends, for more sharing of our tiny house story as we look for wonders small and grand!

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