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Ep. #39 - Wonder of Snow Geese Migration – Nature's Winged Wonderment through Whatcom & Skagit COU

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

From the doorsteps of our tiny wooden house on wheels on a farm in northwest Washington state we witness an awe inspiring wonderment of nature! In the winter and early Spring of 2021, we marveled at thousands and thousands of snow geese flying over us day after day during their winter season daily movements in the Pacific Northwest. As far as sheer numbers go, the annual migration of snow geese has to be one of the greatest wildlife spectaculars in North America! Our tiny house on wheels has made it possible for us to live in this particular location where we are in the daily path of the migrating snow geese that come to Whatcom & Skagit counties in Washington State each winter. Click to WATCH the video!

In this “finding wonder” video episode we share with you our up-close and wonder-inspiring experiences watching the snow geese that winter in Whatcom & Skagit counties before returning to the Artic for summer breeding. Witnessing this great natural spectacular in the form of giant snow goose flocks inspired us to feel great wonderment & awe! Living in the snow geese migration path is a marvelous & memorable experience! As wonderment seekers & bird lovers, we are fascinated with bird migrations and are excited to share the story of these snow geese flocks with you in this inspiring story. Sit back and soak in this relaxing nature video episode that is filled with bird wonders, snow goose sounds, and bird migration wonderments.

Photo by Dana Critchlow liscensed through Unsplash

About Snow Geese

Every year, snow geese travel and forage in massive flocks in a yearly cycle that takes them from summer breeding grounds on the Alaskan Tundra and Canadian Arctic to their wintering areas in coastal marshes to interior wetlands. During the winter months, these large flocks of snow geese roost at night on lakes and wetlands, and make daily forays to forage for roots and unharvested grain in nearby fields.

Photo by David Dibert liscensed through Pexels

Snow geese spend their life on the move! When not summering in their breeding grounds they are busy migrating or gathering at their different staging places along their annual migratory routes. As the winter weeks pass by, more and more snow geese gather up together in staging areas in preparation for their great migration back to their northern summering grounds.

In 1900, the population of snow geese was in danger of disappearing, with only 2,000 to 3,000 birds. Since then, snow geese have made a strong recovery with a population of 6 to 7 million birds. Their tenacity, abilities to adapt, and take advantage of the winter fields has made their strong population recovery possible.

One Unforgettable Day

On one very memorable day, we noticed a huge flock of snow geese had gathered in the field below our house. We put on our coats, and hurried out the door to the edge of the hill overlooking the field overlooking this giant gathering. As we were appreciating the spectacular gathering and filming some of it, we thought how special would it be if we could get closer to the flock without startling them.

We quietly headed down the rise on the opposite side of a vegetative field border, getting ourselves closer to the snow geese. As we are peering through the blackberry bramble, we are able to feel closer to their activities. They would be busy foraging for unharvested grain when an individual would fly into the air causing several others to follow. We are humored by their delightful waddling through the field and how they follow each other in groups and parade lines. Without any seemingly obvious reason to do so, the group suddenly changes course and heads in a new direction. We feel so much wonderment as we watch all their antics and busy always moving about activities. The massive chattering cackle sound of so many foraging snow geese in one spot is quite loud and continuous.

As we headed back up the hill towards the house, little did we know we were about to experience a most miraculous moment... The tone and volume of the snow geese suddenly changed and amplified as the entire flock lifted off of the field into the air! We watched a most spectacular dance of flight and marveled in wonderment as the snow geese mass moved as one in a murmuration. The large flock of snow geese all flew together, changing direction together, moving as one mass together. Seeing so many, move as one was a great wonderment! Being so close to this snow geese murmuration and witnessing it in person was one of the most spectacular wildlife moments we have ever witness. This experience is unforgettable!

Photo by Bryan Hanson liscensed through Unsplash

Snow Geese Wonderments

One of the Pacific Northwest’s great wildlife wonderments, is the abundant flocks of waterfowl that winter in this region. In Northwest Washington, many of the snow geese flocks come all the way from northern Siberia, choosing these agricultural lands to spend their winters. The snowy color of these white birds with black tipped wings seem to come to the Northwest when winter comes heralding the season.

There is so much energy and excitement that is palpable in the air when you are watching thousands of snow geese. You can feel the always on the move energy of these birds, and their migratory lifestyle when you experience thousands upon thousands of snow geese. It is a completely wonderment inspiring experience!

Photo by David Dibert liscensed through Pexels

As the weeks of the winter season went on, the snow geese flocks grew larger and larger! Their daily patterns become more regular, and we observed the massive flocks fly one direction over us in the morning just after sunrise, and then back the other direction just after sunset. The snow geese flocks seem to be gathering in numbers, exercising daily, feeding themselves, and preparing for their coming 3,000 mile migration back to the Arctic. Day after day, the enormous flocks came and flew over us with each passing sunrise or sunset. We dared not miss a single fly over, for the wonder inspiring experience of having giant flocks of birds fly over us was such a wildlife and bird lovers dream.

Nature Inspires Life

Here we are witnessing a great wildlife migration process twice a day, made possible because of where we decided to park our tiny house this winter. As we prepare for our new lifestyle as creative digital nomads so we can tiny house America, we are watching these snow geese prepare for their migration! Witnessing such a natural spectacular is very inspiring and life impressioning.

The majority of our snow geese sightings occurred every morning and every evening. They would go one direction in the morning and then come from that direction in the evening headed back to where they had come from in the morning. We were so curious as to where they actually land for the day and then for the night, and wanted to see if we could find them. Although we never found them on our wild goose chase inspired car rides, the fun wonderings of where they went each day and each night inspired great curiosity and wonderment!

May these snow geese show us how fluid life really is, and that no matter how much we may like where we are in our lives, physically, mentally, spiritually, or energetically, that remembering to metaphorically take flight to travel to new places is what fills our lives with wonder and growth. Life is a journey, and embracing our wings of wonderment brings so much meaningfulness into our daily lives.

Farm Location

During the months of December 2020, January, February & March 2021, we lived on a farm in northwest Washington state that had full RV hookups and spectacular mountain views, sunrises & sunsets, and incredible migratory bird watching opportunities. It was an unforgettable winter that we are excited to share with you in several video episodes. Our first parking spot location for life in our tiny house was Oostema Farmstead Campground in Lynden, Washington.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the last few video episodes we towed our tiny house for the FIRST TIME, we set up our RV hookups and moved in, celebrated our first Christmas in a tiny house, said goodbye to something very dear to us and weathered some fierce wind storms... If you haven't watched them yet, here are they are...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our adventures began with a simple enough sounding question, how to be happy in life? Our best answer, make life an adventure filled with wonderment and awe. We are now tiny house dwellers and we are going to tiny house America with our traveling tiny house on wheels. Before we hit the road though, we have winter to live through in our tiny house and some important DIY projects to complete up. We will be sharing all that with you in the coming video episodes. See you next time, friends, for more sharing of our tiny house story as we look for wonders small and grand!

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