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Ep. #40 - WONDERMENT Mindset or Overwhelm – Preparing Tiny House for Full-Time Travel

Have you ever been so incredibly excited for a particular event to happen, and yet felt overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to get done before you are ready for that exciting event to actually happen? Well, that’s the circumstance we find ourselves in. We are so incredibly excited to get on the road to “tiny house America” as traveling creative digital nomads, and yet the list of things we have to get done before we can do that is long! We are getting our wooden goose-neck tiny house on wheels, Ford F350 diesel dually truck, and lifestyles ready for travel, and that takes quite a bit of figuring out. Click to WATCH the video!

Many of the things we are trying to prepare for and figure out don’t have a simple answer. We find that if we let ourselves think too much about everything that has to get done, we feel completely exhausted, overwhelmed, and even a bit hopeless. None of those feelings are any fun, or helpful in getting the tasks done and challenges overcome.

We are also finding that we can handle long and complicated lists of things to do day after day, if we seek to find and appreciate simple and grand wonders and moments of awe along the way on a daily basis. It is amazing how much more fun, chores and problem solving scenarios go, if wonderments are being appreciated along the way… sometimes the wonderments are related to the task and sometimes they are not related at all.

We recently moved into our tiny house on wheels on this farm in northwest Washington. We only have a few months to figure out how to make our new lifestyle in a traveling tiny house work for us. While we continue working on our long list of tasks, we find ourselves appreciating a LOT of wonders, or as we like to call them, “wonderments” throughout our daily life. It’s amazing what can get done, when wonders are being appreciated… it doesn’t mean that problems still don’t come up, it means that when they do, there is wonderment seeking mindset in place that can help us get through the challenges.

Wonderment Perspective


seeing and appreciating wonders, tiny & grand, in daily life

We have lived in Whatcom county for over 20 years in three different locations and houses. This region is our home and despite us feeling like we know it so well, this winter in our tiny house we are learning so much more about this beautiful place we love so dearly. Because of our tiny house on wheels we are living in a new area in Whatcom County that we have never lived in before. On our frequent commutes to and from town, we are taking in sights and wonders that haven’t been part of our daily lives before. The majestic Mount Baker that watches over our valley inspires endless awe and wonderment in us on our drives.

The blue berry bushes, raspberry vines, and many different crop fields make up a quilt like tapestry of textures. Depending upon the weather and the light, these crops and fields often look different from one day to the next. We feel so grateful to be living out in the northeast corner of our county to experience all this winter and early spring beauty on a daily basis.

Blue sky mornings can quickly become stormy afternoons. Rain showers lead to rainbows. Every day in the Pacific Northwest can be filled with so many different kinds of weather. It’s not uncommon to trade out the heavy jacket in the morning, for a rain coat in the afternoon. When the winds change and blow from a new direction, it is always helpful to be prepared. Finding wonderment in Pacific Northwest daily weather, means embracing each day as a new day full of surprises and delights.

Tiny House DIY jobs...

It never ceases to amaze us how complicated, in-depth and time consuming any and all "do it yourself" projects become. In this video episode, we share a couple memorable tiny house DIY projects with you.

Living in a small space necessitates creative, resourceful and multi-purpose use of spaces. Even the narrowest of spaces shall not be wasted because it is remarkable what even a tiny space can hold.

Do you live in a small space? What are some of your small space "wonderments"?

Where we are headed next...

We departed this farm location at the end of March 2021, and took our home on wheels into an RV shop for some upgrades.

~ hydraulic jacks

~ two 100 amp hour lithium batteries

~ 3,000 watt smart inverter

~ air suspension system on rear axle of truck

plus more....

We then picked up our house and began our local nomadic life between a couple nearby RV campgrounds. This is our training practice because we are about to embark on our FIRST BIG road trip with our traveling tiny house on wheels!

In our next video, we are hitting the road and towing our tiny house about 450 miles through a giant city and over and down mountain ranges on our way to northeast Oregon. Be sure to subscribe to our channel on YouTube, give this video a thumbs up, and leave us a comment of one of your wonderments. We are building a community of people finding & sharing wonderments with each other on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and also on Patreon through the special Sea Tree Wonderist community.

Farm Location

During the months of December 2020, January, February & March 2021, we lived on a farm in northwest Washington state that had full RV hookups and spectacular mountain views, sunrises & sunsets, and incredible migratory bird watching opportunities. It was an unforgettable winter that we are excited to share with you in several video episodes. Our first parking spot location for life in our tiny house was Oostema Farmstead Campground in Lynden, Washington.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the last few video episodes we towed our tiny house for the FIRST TIME, we set up our RV hookups and moved in, celebrated our first Christmas in a tiny house, said goodbye to something very dear to us weathered some fierce wind storms and marveled at thousands of migrating snow geese... If you haven't watched them yet, here are they are...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our adventures began with a simple enough sounding question, how to be happy in life? Our best answer, make life an adventure filled with wonderment and awe.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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THANK YOU for your support & appreciation of our video productions & “finding wonder” journey as we create these video adventures!

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