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Episode #41 - Our 1st Tiny House ROAD TRIP - Towing Home on Wheels & Finding Wonder!

After many months of DIY tiny house work we are setting off on our first BIG road trip with our wooden tiny house on wheels. In this video episode adventure, we are sharing our 450 mile journey of towing our wooden tiny house out on the open road through the big city, over and down mountains, and across bridges as we travel from northwest Washington to northeast Oregon in two days. In the middle of our road trip we are going to spend a night dry camping at a Harvest Host location and enjoy some refreshing drinks at a craft brewery in the mountains. This is our first real experience of what driving days are going to be like with our traveling tiny house on wheels. As we prepare to “tiny house America”, this first road trip experience will be very important. We have poured all of our resources and time into creating our amazing custom goose-neck wooden tiny house on wheels, and experiencing real life towing conditions on the open road gives us invaluable insight and experience into our many future adventures that are planned! Click to WATCH the video!

The sheer mechanics and workings of an automobile is certainly wonderment inspiring whenever you really think about it, even though many of us drive trucks and cars every day and it seems quite ordinary. Though today we aren’t just driving in a vehicle like any other day, we are towing our home behind us. We are towing our tiny house on wheels out on the open roads, and what we have been talking about and dreaming about has become ultra-real life. This tiny house is all we have, it’s our full-time home, and the responsibility that comes with towing anything, let alone something of this weight and dimension is significant.

Our 2011 Ford F350 diesel dually truck was built to work hard and tow big rigs, and towing our tiny house is safely within its towing capabilities… yet still there is the anxious feeling within us about what is towing our tiny house through cities, over mountains, and around the country going to actually feel like? Today we are officially beginning our journey to "tiny house America".

Have you ever planned and prepared for something so long, that when it finally happens, it’s difficult to believe it’s actually happening? Well that’s what we are experiencing today as we depart on our first big road trip! Every mile we drive, every look into the side view mirror to see our home following along behind us, every time we bounce after going over a bump in the road makes the whole experience of traveling with our tiny house more and more real. We are doing it! We are making our dreams a reality. We are tiny house dwellers embarking on a journey with our traveling wooden tiny house on wheels! We know that we are in for a whole lot of new experiences, and because of that whole new wonderments to appreciate and challenges to overcome!

Our tiny house on wheels is essentially like a regular RV or fifth wheel trailer, even though it does look different. Call it a tiny house or call it a custom wooden RV. When we are driving down the road we look a bit different than other RVers. We didn’t create a wooden tiny house to be different or stand out, we created a custom wooden traveling home on wheels so we could live in a space we loved, felt inspired by, and dreamed of living in for years. Now here we are towing our home on wheels on the open roads… Ready or not, world, here we come!

Here we go, up into the Cascade mountains, our first mountain pass of towing our tiny home on wheels. This may be our first mountain pass, towing our goose-neck tiny house up and over, though this certainly isn’t the first mountain we have climbed on our journey to get to this point. From initial planning stage of going tiny, through to this momentous day, we have climbed so many metaphorical mountains in our tiny house journey. The months of research and planning that finally culminated in finding an RVIA certified tiny home custom RV builder, to negotiating and working out build details in a foreign country with a different currency during a global pandemic, to then doing loads and loads of custom do it yourself work and modifications in and around our house, to downsizing our possessions and moving into a small space, to figuring out day to day logistics of life on wheels, we have climbed mountain after mountain of hurdles and challenges.

The metaphorical road to this point has been anything but easy, and yet it got us to where we are today… stronger, even more determined and empowered in our own abilities. Today we are seeing not mountains of work and challenges, though real mountains of immense natural beauty and wonder. There is something so raw and beautiful about being in the mountains… the forests, the rock cliffs, the snow-capped peaks, the change of elevation, the rugged landscapes that stirs our souls, feeds our inner adventurer selves and connects us with nature we love and cherish. These mountains inspire us to feel immense appreciation for what we have accomplished in our tiny house journey so far as well as great wonderment for this remarkable planet Earth we so love!

We pull into our first day’s destination in Cle Elum, Washington which is Dru Bru Brewery, a Harvest Host location. This is our first Harvest Host stay as part of a membership program that invites self-contained RVers to have unique overnight stays.

We parked in our dedicated safe parking spot for the night, and went inside to buy a brewery crafted root bear and a ginger ale. We drank our refreshing and celebrative drinks while playing a couple rounds of corn-hole. It becomes clear we have some practice to do before we become Corn-holecccc League World Champions. Guess you have to start somewhere…

If you have any type of self-contained RV and want to enjoy the opportunity to camp in some really special & unique places while making awesome memories, then we highly encourage you to consider becoming a Harvest Host member. You will enjoy camping nationwide at a whole network of wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, museums & attractions that invite RVers to visit and stay overnight with no camping fees. (We ALWAYS support the business in some way when we stay as a Harvest Host guest with at least a $20 purchase.)

In this adventure we stayed at Dru Bru Brewery, which is our first ever Harvest Host stay. Since our video time is delayed from our real time adventures, we have actually already enjoyed 10 different Harvest Host stays and have more scheduled in the upcoming weeks. We have enjoyed each of our stays soooooooo much and we have stayed in some of the most beautiful places we could have ever dreamed of and we are so thankful for our Harvest Host membership. You will see how much fun and wonderment we enjoy in coming video episodes.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get YOUR Harvest Host membership, than use our referral link. By using our Sea Tree Wonder referral link you will save 15% on your ($99) membership:

As we drive and tow our traveling tiny house through this ever-changing landscape, we feel great wonderment and gratitude for all the pieces of our life that brought us to where we are and what we are doing today. We are only driving here today with our wooden home following behind, because of all the steps we have climbed to turn our dreams into real life happenings. We are turning our dream story into our real life story. Turning our dreams into a reality has required a lot of bravery in doing things we have never ever done before, resourceful thinking to navigate challenges, and creative actions to make progress and beauty at the same time. It didn’t all happen overnight though rather through a whole lot of experiences of our own and others. We are who we are today because of everything we have ever done and made be important in our lives, and for all the people who have inspired, challenged, assisted and loved us.

As we head into the Blue mountains of northeast Oregon, we feel their beautiful splendor emanate through our bodies. Driving through these mountain feels like a great gift bestowed upon us after everything we have gone through to be able to return to these mountains with our traveling tiny house in tow. These mountains and hills hold an esteemed place in our hearts and minds. Perhaps it is because they are the mountains I grew up near, perhaps it is their great rolling natural beauty, or perhaps it is because for so many peoples and animals through the centuries these mountains and hills were important and loved. No matter the reason or why, this area stirs inside us great reverence and wonderment. As we travel up, over, through, and eventually down these mountains, we feel like we are traveling through a magical place where anything is possible. Call it magical or call it wonderment, though what we feel touches us deeply to our core and we are in awe. The stories these mountains could tell are as beautiful, diverse, and as complicated as they are for me tell you about today. These mountains beg me to say that does one have to know all the details of a story to know the story is special and sacred. Oregon’s Blue Mountains are special and sacred to us, and we certainly are not the first people to make such a remark.

These mountains, these trees, the mountain meadows, the creeks, streams, and rivers, the diverse flora, and many many different kinds of animals that call these mountains home were important to people centuries ago who cared deeply for and depended upon these mountains. It seems if you look close enough, listen truly, and feel deeply, the sacred stories of these mountains can be felt with all of the senses and isn’t that a great wonderment!

Here we are two wonderment seekers towing our wooden tiny house on wheels behind us as we traverse this mountain pass full of dreams, immense natural beauty, countless stories, and many awe-inspiring wonderments. It is clear this is not just the first road trip with our traveling tiny house, though rather a journey to seek and find the wonderments in our lives that are often not easily explained.

Here we are back in a town so familiar, yet like any place it’s always changing. As we drive through town we point out to each other what’s the same and what has changed. It feels almost like we never left it, and yet also like we have been away a long time. Guess those are the feelings that come with homecomings.

Every mile we drive gets us closer to our destination and camping location where we will be staying for the next month. It feels like our story is coming full circle. As we drive we take in the wonders of this valley where so many of our life adventures and dreams began many years ago. Here we are returning to this place where so much of our lives began, though now we have a home on wheels and the knowledge of what we are capable of achieving when we set out to do something new, creative and brave. Like a family member or best friend that always seems to know you even if you have been apart for years, so too does this place seem to know us. It feels like it is reaching out into our hearts and welcoming us back to this beautiful valley with open arms and many simple and grand wonders to appreciate with our fresh open eyes and hearts. We are so excited to be back, even if this is just for a visit in our great big journey.

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