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Episode #42 - Swimming in Oregon RIVER – Traveling Tiny House Adventurers Finding Wonder

We are creative full-time RVers with a wooden fifth wheel on a mission to find wonders and share inspiring videos about life while traveling full-time with our tiny house on wheels. In this video episode adventure, we spend a day finding wonder along and in the Grande Ronde River in northeast Oregon. While this isn’t a video about an epic river rafting trip, it is a video that dives deep into the flowing river of wonders, or as we like to call them “wonderments”, about why so many of us are drawn to enjoy spending time near or in rivers and how so many aspects of our lives depend upon rivers for agriculture, drinking water, energy, recreation, the list goes on... Join us as we jump into this Oregon river, swim in it, enjoy river floats and watch our dogs play in the river. Reasons for wonder and awe abound, and we are travel vloggers and adventurers swimming in a physical and metaphorical river of wonders. Appreciating natural wonders and showing how ANYONE can get outside in nature and feel wonderment is what Sea Tree Wonder is all about. Open your mind to see and feel wonderment...

Click to WATCH the video!

After towing our wooden RV tiny house 450 miles to spend some time in northeast Oregon, we have officially become creative digital nomads with a traveling tiny house. We work full time from home, yet have the opportunity to have adventures in new places! (Here's that video episode if you haven't seen that road-trip journey yet.)

We are currently staying at small city RV Park in northeast Oregon. Out our back door is a really sweet green pasture with four horses. We can be at the river’s edge in less than a 5 minute walk from our tiny house. We are enjoying going on frequent walks in the surrounding countryside, and marveling at stunning pink sunsets. We find ourselves in constant wonderment that we are on a trip, yet we haven’t left home because we just towed our traveling tiny house on wheels to a new location and here we are...

While we are naturally adventurous wonder seekers, there is also the DAILY need to earn enough money to make ends meet. This means that we dance a fine balance of how to experience the wonders of the world, while also having enough time to create income. On this day, we take off our working hats and put on our swim suits.

We head to the river with our family, dogs, beach towels and floaties and we have a lot of fun and find many wonders, or as we like to call them "wonderments" to appreciate!

About this WONDER inspiring RIVER

This Grande Ronde river is born in these Blue Mountains, and winds its way down the mountains, through a valley, through canyons, and eventually into the Snake River which flows into the Columbia River which then reaches the sea. It’s a wonderment to think about how this water flowing past us is at the very beginning of its long journey to the sea. Some of this water won’t make it all the way to the sea, because it will water crops along the way and be used for human endeavors and needs. This river feeds this region, giving life to plants, animals, and to the people whose livelihoods depend upon it.

Here we are swimming in it, floating on top of it, being moved by it, appreciating it, finding wonder in its flowing movement, and feeling freedom in its weightlessness. The weight of the world and responsibilities of daily life seem to wash off us as we bask in this vital and refreshing river.

River Wonderments

How is it that spending time in a river can feel like such a powerful reset and reboot for fresh perspectives. Why is it so fun to be in water? What draws us to jump in water, swim in water, float on water, and bask in its presence? How is that even though we are not born with flippers and fins, we have an affinity to be near to water throughout our daily lives.

Perhaps our fundamental daily need for water or how much water our bodies are comprised of brings us close to water and makes us feel whole when we are with it. Perhaps by spending time in water, we remember who we are and what really matters in our lives. Perhaps, when we let ourselves feel wonderment for rivers, we feel our own capacity for freedom. Perhaps even though we were born with legs and arms, we really aren’t that disconnected from those mermaids that fascinate us.

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Share with us your river inspired “wonderments”.

We love hearing from YOU below in the comments section!

What is your “birth river”?

What river flows in the place you were born?

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We are best friends, daughter/mother, adventure buddies, tiny house dwellers, and now traveling creative digital nomads. We are seeking and finding wonders around every bend and curve in our path and sharing the “wonderments” we find with you in regular video episodes. We are learning that if we consciously live our daily life with a “wonderment mindset” and “wonderment perspective” daily life is filled with a whole lot more joy, adventure, meaningful moments, and wonder! We hope you enjoy these inspiring videos about life as we share our finding wonder journey with you.

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