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Episode #6. Harvest Festival: Apple Taste Testing & Autumn Wonders

Updated: Jan 2

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Appreciating the season’s harvests, taste testing apples & feeling gratitude for the cornucopia of wonders that are all around us are the main themes of this week’s “Finding Wonder” video episode. We spent a fun-filled & delicious Saturday in early October appreciating the season’s harvest at the Cloud Mountain Farm Center’s Fall Fruit Festival in Everson, Washington State. We had the opportunity to taste dozens of different kinds of apples, pears & grapes, as well as, walk amongst the beautiful orchards, vineyards & gardens.

We really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about & taste a lot of INCREDIBLE FRUIT! This non-profit TEACHING FARM is dedicated to building knowledge, experience & community to expand dynamic local food systems. The center helps to build a thriving, collaborative community of prosperity for farmers, a healthy environment & well-being for all citizens.

You can learn more about Cloud Mountain Farm Center on their website.

*** FUN Note: this episode will encourage you to EAT APPLES***

We want to thank you for watching our video episode and reading this blog post. It is because of our excitement and commitment to sharing our “Finding Joy & Wonder” journey with you in weekly video episodes, that we decided to spend our day appreciating the wonders of the harvest season at this farm festival. We had a wonderful day and we have special & meaningful memories from our adventure. Cheers to making memories & getting outside to make unforgettable memories!

All the FRUIT TASTING, the playful visit to the PUMPKIN PATCH, and a walk through the orchards, vineyards & gardens, inspired us to feel APPRECIATION for the trees & plants that provide so much tasty & nutritious FOOD for us to eat. On our “finding wonder journey”, we are experiencing that there is MUCH TO APPRECIATE when we open our minds & hearts to feeling gratitude.

Our precious canine buddies, Uluru & Konane, inspire us daily with their curiosity, enthusiasm and playfulness. In this video episode, it was fun & meaningful to share our taste testing of apples with our dogs. For obvious and very good reason, the dogs could not attend the apple festival, though we still wanted to include them in our sharing wonder journey. We had a fun & memorable afternoon activity of sitting down on the floor and sharing an apple picnic with our dogs. (note: size appropriate portions were given to each pup)

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Wendy (Sequoia Win’Ni) & Megan

and "Wonder DOGS" Uluru & Konane

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