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Episode #8. Sand Inspires Wonder & Adventure on the Oregon Coast

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Click the VIDEO below & WATCH this week's video episode. Enjoy :-)

A sandy beach walk turns into a wondrous adventure up & down a sand dune in this week’s inspiring video. We found wonder & joy in appreciating SAND during our recent visit to the Oregon Coast.

When we headed down the beach for a walk and to see Pacific City’s Cape Kiwanda sand dune up close, we never planned on spending the whole afternoon scrambling up & down it. The scenic ocean & beach views from the top were gorgeous, and completely worth the exercise. Our two dogs enjoyed the adventure with their parents vlogging the journey.

Exercising, while nature bathing, leads to inspired feelings of determination, commitment & exhilaration. By putting one foot in front of the other and deciding to have fun getting messy, we had a wonderful & joyful adventure up what we called “Sand Dune Mountain.”

Until this afternoon, we had never spent so much time appreciating sand. Being in the presence of so much sand inspired finding spontaneous wonderment in sand. Sand is a wonderment of Earth and the processes of weather. Sand is the resulting wonderment of wind, rain and the freezing and thawing cycles which break down the rocks and minerals into small grains of sand. Sand is finely divided rock and mineral particles that fill our lives in more ways than we often notice.

No matter where we are in the world, sand is often playing a major role in our technologic wonders. Sand is a key ingredient in the production of glass, electronics, aeronautics, and construction.

One thing for sure, sand is a memorable part of our beachy adventures.

On our sandy walk we enjoyed watching SEAGULLS interacting with each other on the beach. There are different varieties of seagulls and the more we watch them, the more we see individual personalities in each bird.

As we were walking down the beach, we came upon many TURKEY VULTURES that were circling in the skies above and riding the sea breeze. These often underappreciated birds of prey always inspire us to stop and watch them with awe. They are beautiful and incredible birds. Imagining what it would be like to ride the winds like they do, inspires the adventurer in all of us.

We saw a squadron of PELICANS out at sea swooping & fishing, and we saw a GRAY WHALE from the top of Cape Kiwanda. The ocean scenery was epic and it was an exciting & incredible sight to see pelicans and a gray whale. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a camera and lens that can video or photograph wildlife at a distance.

We find that when we go for a walk in nature, we never know what we will see, who we will meet, how far we will go, or what will inspire us. Being open minded, curious and a witness to wonders, leads to memorable & playful adventures.

Did you love Konane’s surf suit? He has soft hair that tangles and gets messy really quickly. His full body suit kept him drier, warmer & cleaner on the beach.

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and "Wonder DOGS" Uluru & Konane

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