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Episode #9. Wonders & Joys of a Sandy Barefoot Adventure (Earthing & Grounding)

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

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Join us as we kick off our shoes and enjoy a sandy barefoot adventure at the Oregon Coast. We connect with the wonder that is our planet Earth. One of the reasons trips to the beach feel relaxing & rejuvenating is because of the opportunity to kick off the shoes and be barefoot on the sandy beach.

As humans living busy lives in an often hard concrete filled environment, we have all found our feet stuffed into shoes meant to keep our feet safe. Shoes are indeed technologic wonders, though it is amazing how liberating it is to connect bare feet directly to the Earth, without the interference of shoes.

What if, we kicked off our shoes more often, and let our feet be free?

What sort of wonder could we feel and find if our bare feet connected directly to the Earth?

These are the sorts of wonderments that inspire us to learn, play & share…

It’s pretty wonderful what can happen when you kick off those shoes…

The more time we spend barefoot in nature, the truly happier we feel. We are not the only ones who have this wondrous experience of feeling grounded when we walk barefoot in nature.

As curious wonderists and adventurers, we are passionate about learning how we can live healthier lives. Numerous scientific studies have found that spending time barefoot in nature has extraordinary & wonderful health benefits. Scientific research has shown that contact between bare feet and earth can create nearly instant changes in our bodies that help improve sleep, reduce pain, decrease muscle tension, and reduce stress. (That’s exciting & fascinating!)

The Earth’s surface has a negative ion charge, and it is constantly generating electrons that neutralize the harmful free radicals that are in our bodies. By walking and spending time barefoot in nature, we help our bodies find their natural states of health and happiness. And isn’t that what we all want? We all want to be healthier and happier.

Being barefoot in nature is a multi-dimensional wonder that is truly an extraordinary wonderment. As we learn about and discover the wonders that fill our lives, the more and more inspired we are to connect with the Earth and get healthier through “Earthing” & “Grounding” practices.

Some days the weather might not be fantastic for running outside barefoot, though we are inspired and excited to spend more days of our life living barefoot, grounded by the magnificent Earth that is our home. There is something intrinsically liberating about walking and running with Earth beneath our skin, without the interference of shoes.

This video episode feature’s incredibly rare video footage of Wendy’s bare feet. They really don’t see the light of day too often. Foot injuries combined with a sensitive nature, has led to feet most comfortable safely protected in supportive footwear. It was a joy to see Wendy’s sincere exuberance & joy when she felt the Earth below her feet. I have a feeling that her shoes will be coming off much more often on our coming adventures to sandy beaches, or on warmer days on grass. Take my word for it… If she can take her shoes off… you can to.

What if, we kicked off our shoes more often, and let our feet be free?

What sort of wonder could we feel and find if our bare feet connected directly to the Earth? These are the sorts of wonderments that inspire us to learn, play & share…

May this video inspire you to kick off your shoes and go outside to connect with the Earth. (Of course, only take your shoes off it’s safe!)

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~ Do you enjoy spending time barefoot in the outdoors?

~ What’s one of your favorite ways to nature bathe?

~ How does being outdoors in nature inspire you in the rest of your life?

~ Share with us your reasons for joy and appreciation for wonderments…

We are building a FINDING JOY ONLINE COMMUNITY and we look forward to sharing our joys and wonders with each other. Together, we can inspire & uplift each other through sharing gratitude, joy, inspiration, and wonder with each other.

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Episode Credits:

All video & photos were filmed by the two of us with the exception of the following:

Some Copyright Free/Royalty Free/Public Domain Video was used in this episode.

Licensed under the Pexels license;

~ Variety of peoples feet walking

Licensed from Videvo liscense;

~ Tying shoes by RGB Parade, barefoot legs in vineyard by Kiril Dobrev, bellflower field by Gimmeges, wilflowers/Mr Raineir by Borgendorf, CU Sandals by the Sea, Tracking Legs Crossing Wet Street, Legs Walking in a Stream, Walking Through Surf and Kicking Up Spray, Baby Feet, along with other footage of people walking by

The wonderful MUSIC that goes into underscoring our videos is all licensed through Artlist. Musical Artists heard in THIS Episode:

~ Assaf Ayalon, Ziv Moran, Hanjo Gabler, Borrtex & Marc Robillard

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Cheers to nature bathing and kicking off our shoes more often so we can connect with the wondrous Earth!

Your friends,

Wendy (Sequoia Win’Ni) & Megan

and "Wonder DOGS" Uluru & Konane

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