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Sea Tree Wonder is the name of the wonder journey we are sharing with the world.
Sea Tree Wonder logo NEW FINAL
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Rainbow Orca Designs is the name of our art business where we create and sell our handmade nature and wildlife inspired art.
You may be meeting us for the first time, and if you would like to learn more about a large part of our creative lives, then we invite you to learn more about Rainbow Orca Designs.
You may be familiar with our art or even have several of our sculptures or paintings, and are here to learn more about
Sea Tree Wonder. We thank you for your support and appreciation of our art, and we welcome you in learning more about Sea Tree Wonder.
Rainbow Logo Final Banner.jpg
Rainbow Orca Designs  and Sea Tree Wonder are very connected.
Each inspires the other and both are a big part of our lives, journey, and adventures. The gifts we share with you come from both.
Since the end of 2012, the two of us,
Wendy & Megan, have been working together to collaborate and create unique and one-of-a-kind 3-dimensional
hand-sculpted art of paper, wire, and beads along with nature inspired paintings.
As co-artists and co-owners of
Rainbow Orca Designs, the majority of our art is a true collaboration between the two of us. Each and every piece is handcrafted with love and precision by us.
We share, show, and sell our art at art shows and festivals throughout the northwest, as well as, online from our website. While we have been
creating and selling our art at shows and festivals since 2012, our online presence and ability to sell our meaningful art directly from our website is a fairly new opportunity.
Stanwood Summer Booth 2018.jpg
Flamingo Beauty 3x4  banner.jpg
Sea Turtle on Stand Copyright.jpg
Sequoia Redwood Trio closeup edit.jpg
Bee Example Copyrighted.jpg
Rainbow Logo Final Banner.jpg
Our artistic inspiration comes from the love and admiration we have and feel for wildlife, nature, and our beautiful planet Earth. Many of our creations are lightweight and versatile indoor paper and wire 3-dimensional hanging ornament sculptures.  
Our goal is to make meaningful art that inspires people to celebrate and appreciate wildlife and nature. As educators, we also love to inspire people to learn more about animals and the incredible natural
workings of our planet.
A huge passion for us is to support and give to conservation, animal welfare, and humanitarian organizations. We donate 10% of net profits from the sale of our art to
variety of organizations.
We are honored and proud to be able to donate and support organizations that help make and keep our planet Earth beautiful, healthy, joyful, inspiring, habitable, and interesting. We invite you to learn more about our art and why we give to conservation.

Watch Sea Tree Wonder's Episode #4

"Wonder, Art & Action: Inspired by Orca Community Southern Resident J, K & L Pods"

Learn about the Orcas that inspire our art & Rainbow Orca Designs business, along with the wonder we have for these Orcas that shapes so much of our lives.

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