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Our Traveling Tiny House
Custom Wooden RV on Wheels
"Turtle Tree"
(our home sweet home)

Tiny House & Truck Image with Text Turtl

Travel Record - DASHBORD

# of times we have MOVED our tiny house = 102 times
# of MILES we've towed our tiny house = 12,526 miles
# of US STATES traversed & camped in  =
6 states

# of yummy PIES eaten/enjoyed (1 per 1,000 miles)  = 
6 pies
(last updated November 4th, 2023)

Blackberry Pie #1.jpg
Applie Pie (2,000 mile) Pie website.jpg
Blackberry Pie #3.jpg
US State Washington.jpg
US State Oregon.jpg
US State Idaho.jpg
US State Utah.jpg
US State Arizona.jpg
Pie #4.jpg
TBA Pie Infographic alt 7.jpg
TBA Pie Infographic alt 8.jpg
TBA Pie Infographic.jpg
TBA Pie Infographic 10.png
TBA Pie Infographic Pie #11.jpg
TBA Pie Infographic #12.jpg

Watch our Tiny House Journey

& Adventures As We Find Wonder

Meet our tow vehicle,

"Copper" our truck!

Tiny house DIY work... we had lots of sanding to do!

Tiny House DIY Transformation - Artisan Wood Home on Wheels

Moving Into Tiny House on Wheels - Small House Living Wonders:

RV Hookups, Cooking & Dogs

Surviving crazy winter WINDSTORM

in our Tiny House

450 Miles Over & Down Mountains - 1st Big Trip!

Traveling Tiny House on Wheels

The day our HOUSE arrived & we saw inside!

Tiny House DIY + gallons of TUNG OIL (exterior & interior)

Moving our TINY HOUSE on Wheels 1st Time - Towing a Tiny House on the Road

1st Winter Living in a Tiny Home - Finding Wonders & Small House Christmas

Preparing TINY HOUSE

for Full-Time Travel

(leaving Farm location)

TRAVELING Tiny HOME & RV House PLANT Ideas - Decor & Display Solutions

Enjoy watching our tiny house journey!!

Our "video episodes" are a bit delayed from our "real time" experiences...

(so if you are wondering, yes, we are living and already traveling with our tiny house, even though our video episode adventures have not shown that yet)

We are creating and sharing our tiny house journey in video episodes on a regular basis. We are excited to share our tiny house experiences with YOU! Many, many VIDEO Episode ADVENTURES to come!

How & Why We Went Tiny with Wheels
"frequently asked questions"

Why a "tiny house" on wheels?

We have been watching tiny house videos, thinking up small space floorplans and learning about the tiny house movement for about 10 years.

It’s easy to say that tiny wooden houses on wheels completely fascinate us!


Despite our longtime fascination with tiny houses, we never thought we could fit our work and lifestyle all into a tiny house… we are not exactly minimalists.

Then our life circumstances came to a crossroads, and the most logical choice, even if a bit radical, became to make a tiny house become our home and art studio on wheels.

Why a custom built wooden RV versus a regular RV?

We chose to go down the route of building a custom & intentionally created "healthy building" custom RV with as least non-toxic building materials as possible based on what we could afford and how custom that our RVIA certified builder would do. A lot of consideration has gone into the design and all of the building materials in our tiny house. Our goal is to have as non-toxic and healthy home as possible.


We really want to have a home that feels like a home, that is as safe & non-toxic as possible, that is an inspiring place for our hearts & minds, and creating this custom RV tiny house is the answer to those needs & dreams. 

Can it be towed around like a regular RV?

Yes. We have designed & made our tiny house on wheels for regular travel & trips. It's a custom RV! It has all the RV hookups, it's fully self contained, and it is our traveling full time home on wheels.  We are not planning to pack in tons of miles in days, and travel the whole country in a year... We will be "slow traveling" with our home. We will travel to a place, stay for 2-4 weeks or a season, and then travel on. We want to have time to appreciate the "wonderments" of the places we stay, and we have jobs & work to do, so moving all the time is not our style nor is it feasible. The Northwest is our starting home base area, and then adventures throughout all of the Western United States will come...

Our Ford F350 4x4 dually truck tows our goose-neck custom house beautifully. Our house is no taller than the other tall toy haulers & fifth wheels you see on the road. It is a big rig and it is made for travel.

​Pro build or DIY build?

Our custom RV tiny house was built by a RVIA certified manufacturer in Canada. They finished the house just enough to be "certifiably" complete. That is all we wanted them to do, because the finishing work that we wanted for our house was a lot more custom & tedious than what they do, or we could afford.


Our house came to us with all raw wood, and a lot of open spaces. It's been up to us to "do it ourselves"; from the whole process of "finishing" the wood, to creating & installing all the pieces that can make a small living space work for us and our work. It's been a LOT of "DIY" work and problem solving. Throughout the process of finishing our house, we have poured sooooo much sweat & time equity and LOVE into our home, and that has really made it ours. Based on how much time, it has taken us to do ALL the finishing work, thank goodness, we had the main house  structure stuff done by a pro builder or else we would still be building it today...

It was also really important to us to have an RVIA certified custom RV, for ease of being insured, for mobility, and for ease in staying at RV parks & campgrounds.

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