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Episode #10. Wonderland of Lights & Color Inspiring Joy & Reflections

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Colorful twinkling lights are designed to uplift & inspire us in the darkest hours of winter. There is a feeling of magic in the experiencing of wonder that shines brightly when we see it’s light. It’s in our design to experience joy & celebrate the magnificence that is the wonderland.

There is something really enchanting about little twinkling LED lights set up in gorgeous arrangements. Lights in all sorts of colors making cool designs are wonderments to be appreciated! When we are around them feeling awe and wonder, we feel happier and more joyful. Happiness is something we all are meant to experience, and it’s a delight that being around the technologic wonder of little twinkling lights inspires us to feel so much joy.

Natural, technologic, and colorful wonders abound in our beautiful world! As we open our eyes, hearts & minds to appreciating the wonders that fill our lives, the easier it is to handle the challenges and hardships that are inevitable part of our lives. We are destined to live lives of joy. No matter our circumstances, we all can find reasons for happiness. The happier we feel the more capable & inspired we feel to take on life’s challenges.

As we develop our tendencies to find & feel more joy in our life, we build our resilience to turmoil & hardships. We are finding that as we intentionally find reasons for joy & appreciation in our daily life, we are more inspired & empowered on how to handle life’s challenges.

Seek joy, practice happiness, feel wonder, build resilience, and be empowered!

As we walk around seeing over a million LED lights, we reflect on the importance of each light bulb’s unique significance in the great overall display of the lights festival. As humans, each person is one-of-a-kind and important, and together with all of our uniquenesses we make a WONDERfilled world of diversity and beauty. Everyone is special and together we are all the more amazing.

We would highly encourage others to visit and enjoy the Pacific Northwest’s “Lights of Christmas” festival at Warm Beach in Stanwood, WA. Featuring over one million dazzling little colorful lights, it is truly spectacular! You can learn more about their annual festival by visiting their website here.

The regular admission is worth the experience, that being said, they do offer a few nights each year that are “Pay What You Can Nights” where instead of paying full ticket price, you pay what you are able to give. The organizations wants everyone to have the opportunity to experience the festive magic of the season. We were grateful for the chance to experience this event on a “Pay What You Can Night” and give the money we could afford to give.

As we edited this week’s video episode, we felt so grateful that we took the time to go visit this beautiful lights festival. It certainly would have been easier to stay home on a rainy evening and get work done. That being said, we are determined and committed to finding & sharing joy, wonder & reasons for gratitude with ourselves and with you. Even though it was wet and cold, we had an evening filled with joy as we appreciated the magical wonder of lights!

Episode Credits:

All video & photos were filmed by the two of us with the exception of the following:

Some Copyright Free/Royalty Free/Public Domain Video was used in this episode.

Licensed under the Pexels license;

~ Golden Yellow Twinkling Lights by Oleg Magni

~ Fixing a Lightbulb/Bistro Lights by Ricardo Esquivel

The WONDERFUL MUSIC that goes into underscoring our videos is all licensed through Artlist. Musical Artists heard in THIS Episode:

~ Serge Quadrado, Ian Post, Kevin Graham, Hanjo Gabler, Zac Nelson, Aija Alsina, Bamtone & Marc Robillard

May this video inspire you to seek the joy & wonder that is the essence of who you are…

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