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Ep. 16. BUBBLES: Floating Magical Rainbows Inspiring Joy & Playful Possibilities in Seaside, Oregon

Appreciate giant rainbow bubbles along the “Seaside Promenade” in this inspiring short film. Natural wonders & human created wonders abound along the Oregon Coast. In this week’s video, we invite you to join us for an enchanting evening in Seaside, Oregon.

Click the VIDEO below & WATCH this week's inspiring film.

Did you know that magic can be found in the gift of wonder? You can open doors of playful possibilities by appreciating simple joys. Floating iridescent rainbow globes, will inspire awe and delight. Fortunately, at any age, the joys of human experience can be celebrated. Inspiring colorful elastic reflective orbs drift among us if we open our eyes and hearts to appreciate. WONDERfilled bubbles inspire us all to dream of possibilities that may be near or far. One may not ever arrive at the end of a rainbow, though one may catch a rainbow bubble.

One never knows when one will happen upon an opportunity for a community experience of joy and wonder. It was a beautiful evening in Seaside Oregon, and we came upon an event spontaneously that would inspire many people to be playfully enraptured in delightful awe. While walking along Seaside’s Promenade, we came upon a bubble artist creating giant bubbles. On the sandy beach below the edge of the Promenade, he was dipping large bubble wands into a soapy bucket, then lifting the wands up to release giant bubbles.

Some of the bubbles are really big and others are little. The bubbles float up and over the Promenade. As the enchanting bubbles drift on the gentle sea breeze, the beautiful orbs wobble and turn into all sorts of unique floating shapes. The bubbles gleam with iridescence and as the light shines through them, the bubbles become three-dimensional floating rainbows.

We feel great wonder in watching the bubble artist dip the bubble wands into the bucket and then release the bubbles. Watching how the bubbles float and change shape as they drift is fascinating. Bubbles and more bubbles float by, and every time a bubble floats by, it inspires a smile. Our hearts sing with playful delight at the simple, yet wondrous magic of colorful floating bubbles.

Gathering all around, were people of all ages. People drawn to the simple, yet profound wonderment of bubbles. We realized we were amidst an energetic bubble of human happiness as we all stood there appreciating the floating rainbow orbs. Some people watching the bubbles for as long as the bubble stayed afloat and others wanting to pop them if the bubble could be reached. Smiles shone on all the faces with an innocent happiness and appreciation that comes with spontaneous joy and wonder.

We found wonder in watching people interact with the bubbles.

Some enjoy the challenge of popping a bubble as soon as it comes within reach. Sometimes, the bubble poppers are obvious and reaching to pop the bubble long before its within reach. Other people are surprise bubble poppers. These people keep their arms by their sides or in their pockets, and then suddenly when a bubble is within reach, they reach up quickly and pop it. It’s fun to watch the tickled delight on their face after they pop a bubble. Watching adults find joy in playful interaction with bubbles affirms that everyone, no matter how old or young, enjoys play.

Others, enjoy watching a bubble drift for as long as possible before the bubble eventually pops due to a natural demise. There is something really enchanting about watching the bubble float and change shape as it drifts through space. There is something so beautiful about a floating bubble and it births a wish for the inspiring bubble to float on into eternity. It’s easy to wish the bubble to keep floating on, and will it to not hit something that will certainly pop it.

There is something quite wondrous about a floating colorful iridescent wobbly orb that floats through the air with seeming super powers, and then suddenly vanishes in an instant.

We were among a crowd of people appreciating the giant rainbow bubbles. For those minutes of bubble inspired play, everyone there was united in the experience of joy and wonder. Delightful shimmering bubbles inspiring people to be happy… that is a human experience wonderment to appreciate!

Here are some fascinating "bubbles" about Seaside, Oregon's history and it's present day charm.

Seaside is located in the northwest corner of Oregon. This is a popular destination town that is easily visited by people coming from Portland, just 80 miles to the east. It is famous for its one and a half mile long ocean front boardwalk, known as the Seaside Promenade or “The Prom”. The Seaside Promenade also features the famous “Turnaround”. It’s a roundabout designed to turn traffic around when the busy street ends at the edge of the sandy beach. In the middle of the “Turnaround” stands a statue of Lewis and Clark and a famous garden of pansies and begonias. The “Turnaround” is a busy place where people and cars can catch a glimpse of the majestic Pacific Ocean briefly before heading back down Broadway Street.

The Seaside Promenade was originally a wooden walkway. In 1920, a 15 foot wide paved walkway was built, and officially completed in 1921, when some 25,000 people visited the little town of Seaside Oregon for the dedication. The Historic Seaside Promenade, known as the “Prom”, is an icon of Seaside, Oregon.

While walking along Seaside’s Promenade, it is a delight seeing so many people finding joy and wonder in beach inspired recreation. Some people are flying kites, playing beach sports, and building sand castles and sand sculptures. Others are kicking back to relax, and enjoy the spectacular views and sandy beach. On the Promenade, people are walking, jogging, or bicycling. Benches can be found along the Promenade. It’s a place where people from all walks of life come to enjoy the beach, the views, the outdoor recreation opportunities, the shops, the dining, and the festive vibe of this popular beach-side town.

A beautiful evening, in a charming town, along the historic Seaside Promenade became a beautiful place for a memorable experience of giant floating rainbow bubbles, and people finding joy in the wonderment of bubbles. This was a special evening, and its been a delight sharing it with you.

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Episode Credits:

In this film, all video & photos were filmed by the two of us.

The WONDERful music that goes into underscoring our videos is all licensed through Artlist.

Musical Artists heard in THIS FILM:

~ Rex Banner, Oak and Cherry, Marco Martini, Lance Conrad, Biba Dupont & Marc Robillard

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