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Episode #17. Winter TREES Bare of Leaves: Inspiring Wonder & Strength in Nature’s Beauty

Winter trees, bare of leaves, INSPIRE us to look upwards in WONDER and inwards in APPRECIATION. Click the VIDEO below & WATCH this week's inspiring film.

As we walk through Elizabeth Park in Bellingham, Washington, we feel gratitude for the gifts that this Park's trees share with us. Each tree uniquely reaches, swoops, curves, or angles up to the sky. The more we appreciate each tree in all it’s exposed bare beauty, the more we get to know each one for its individual charm. There is great beauty in seeing a tree's true shape without the distraction of leaves.

The more we open our minds to appreciate these trees, the more gratitude and wonder for these trees fills our hearts. These trees fill our lives with the beauty and nature that our hearts and souls depend upon. They inspire us to find strength and grounding even when the strong winds of challenges want to blow us to bits.

These trees have weathered decades upon decades of storms, and they stand tall today inspiring us with their rugged beauty. They are role models of longevity even in the face of great challenges. The trees remind us that we are nature too. We are all destined to thrive, even through hardships.

By connecting with nature, it's like going home. It feels really wonderful to remember that we are not alone. We all have each other...people and trees!

Winter trees, bare of leaves, inspire us to live and embrace our authentic and most sincere selves. These trees give us so much. Appreciating tree wisdom can sure fill our lives with greater hope and a sense of belonging.

Wonders abound when we look up, look down, look out, and even when we look inward. Appreciating the grand and simple "wonderments" of life, fills our life with joy, wonder, memorable moments, excitement and a sense of purpose.

1. Get up and go out-side.

2. Seek out some nature.

(Even in a city, you can find nature. Look between the cracks in the sidewalk.)

3. Find a "wonderment" to appreciate.

4. When you find a "wonderment", thank it.

5. Repeat this activity everyday. :-)

Share & interact with us in the COMMENT section below…

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~ What do you find special about the bare winter trees?

~ Share with us a tree inspired "wonderment". What "wow" comes to mind when you appreciate a tree?

We are building a FINDING JOY ONLINE COMMUNITY and we look forward to sharing our joys and wonders with each other. Together, we can inspire & uplift each other through sharing gratitude, joy, inspiration, and wonder with each other.

Episode Credits:

In this film, all video & photos were filmed by the two of us with the exception of four photographs of tree roots licensed through Unsplash by Chay Kelly, Zach Reiner, O12 and Jason Leung.

The WONDERful music that goes into underscoring our videos is all licensed through Artlist.

Musical Artists heard in THIS FILM:

~ Evolv, Alon Peretz, Zac Nelson, Marco Martini, Biba Dupont & Marc Robillard

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Be yourself, and go find something to appreciate. You never know what you will be find, and how much joy you can experience in the appreciation. Cheers!

Your friends,

Wendy (Sequoia Win’Ni) & Megan

and "Wonder DOGS" Uluru & Konane

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