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Ep. #18. Oregon Coast Aquarium: Window of Wonder into the Magnificent Undersea World

Join us as we dive beneath the ocean’s surface & visit a beautiful undersea world at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon. Meet ocean wildlife up-close and learn about the fascinating world of the ocean’s natural wonders.

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Beneath the ocean’s surface, is a whole other beautiful world teeming with life. Some lucky people have the chance to jump into the water and swim, snorkel and dive with the creatures of the sea. Most of us land dwelling humans rarely have the opportunity to see the wonders of the sea. There are special places where us land dwelling people can go visit and meet face to face the fascinating and awe inspiring animals of the the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Many of us do not have the opportunity to hop into the ocean ourselves to discover and meet the amazing creatures who call it home, though most of us can watch video footage and gaze at photographs of the undersea world. Resources and opportunities abound to learn about the world’s oceans and the undersea life. No matter where we live or what we do, we can all learn about the oceans and animals and plants who live in the ocean. The more we all learn about the oceans, the more we all realize how connected our land lives are to the lives of the creatures who depend upon healthy oceans. Infinite wonderments abound in our world’s oceans. It is fun to learn about the oceans and how connected we are to the oceans no matter how far away we live from the oceans.

Some of our favorite friends at the Oregon Coast Aquarium are all the ROCKFISH! These fish all have unique and one-of-a-kind appearances and personalities. Throughout the years of visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium, we have spent hours at windows looking into the habitats of rockfish and even interacting with them through the glass. There are many different species of rockfish, and they are found throughout the world's oceans. They often call a kelp forest or a sea mount home. If they are not actively swimming, they can hang seemingly motionless in the shadows of the kelp blades or even lie flat on the sea floor or a rock. Rockfish can live really long lives...50-100 years...even 200 years! Rockfish are really cool fish!

Like on land, the sea has forests too. Forests of kelp sway in the sea’s currents as sunlight beams into kelp forests.

These ocean forests are alive with life and are food and shelter for many animals. The kelp forest is a nursery for the young and an essential ocean eco-system for many species of animals. Kelp forests abound with wonderments and fascinating beauty.

We really enjoy spending time in the clear tunnel exhibit areas of the Aquarium’s "Passages of the Deep". A series of underwater walkways leads from the beautiful canyons of the "Orford Reef", through the glimmering waters of "Halibut Flats", and finally into the open blue expanse of the "Open Sea" where sharks abound. Passing through these three ecosystems, is a symbolic journey into the Pacific Ocean showcasing the diversity of ocean habitats and the creatures who depend upon certain areas of the ocean.

Yes, we really appreciate & respect sharks! Sharks are real life ocean heroes in the sea's animal kingdom. The more we learn about sharks, the more we appreciate the critical role they play in the healthy balance of the sea.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is also home to charismatic seals, sea lions, sea otters and birds of the West Coast. The stories of these individuals vary, and involve details including injury, rehab, and reasons for calling this special place home. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a leader in animal care along with ocean education and conservation.

Meeting these wondrous animals inspires us feel admiration and curiosity for all the incredible animals that depend upon the sea. The English language is not needed to understand the playful expressions of these sea lions and seals. Appreciation and awe fills us as we gaze through a window of wonder. As we immerse ourselves in the mystery and beauty of an oceanic life, WONDERMENTS abound!

The mysteries of the ocean inspire our dreams

and urge us to never lose our sense of wonder & appreciation.

The oceans are the blue lungs of our incredible planet Earth. Two out of every three breaths are gifts from the world’s oceans. The ocean is literally our life support system. That makes the ocean completely and absolutely essential to our life.

In gratitude to the ocean, we have the breath to live our lives by. The more we learn how interconnected our land based lives are with the ocean, the more we all realize our responsibilities to be stewards of the world’s greatest wonders. Thanks to the sea, we have the opportunity to live, love, be happy, and celebrate wonderments.

The more we learn about the oceans the more our deep interdependence with the ocean is revealed. Our daily lives are connected with the health and life within the ocean. Weather systems, ocean water temperatures, ocean acidification, and the amount of life in the oceans all affect our lives more than we often realize. The more we learn, the more we deeply appreciate and cherish the incredible oceans and all the really cool creatures who live in the sea.

Cheers to discovering & appreciating the wonders of the sea no matter how far or close any of us may live to the ocean. Our lives are entwined with the health of the world’s oceans.

The more we learn, the more we appreciate

the magnificent blue heartbeat of our wondrous Earth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a wonderful education & ocean conservation organization that we highly recommend visiting on the central Oregon Coast. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to immerse & surround yourself in many ocean "wonderments".

We hope you have the opportunity to visit this inspiring place.

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