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Episode #36. Moving Into Tiny House on Wheels, Wonders of Small House Living, RV Hookups, Cooking...

In this adventure, we look for wonders while we move into our wooden tiny house on wheels! After months of DIY tiny house projects and then towing our tiny house to a new location, we connect our tiny house RV hookups for the first time. Get inspired as we share our tiny house move in process with you while we appreciate home inspired wonders & “wonderments”. Tiny house living is becoming very real for us and we have a lot to fit into our tiny house! Be inspired by our tiny house story as we share our small house living experiences with you. In this episode, we are cooking in a tiny house, sharing some sweet first moments of tiny house living with dogs, and continuing to create a non-toxic & healthy tiny house for ourselves. We are finding wonders amidst this tiny house transformation process, and sharing our tiny home wonder adventures with you! Click to WATCH the video!

In our last video episode & blog we shared the epic day of moving our tiny house for the first time. We moved our tiny house on wheels from our friends place where we had spent several months doing custom DIY work in and around our house, to a nearby farm that had full RV hookups for us... Oostema Farmstead Campground in Lynden, Washington.

Our RVIA certified custom wooden tiny house one wheels has all the RV hookups that regular RVs have. Hooking up propane and water to the house for the first time inspired multiple wonderments! Hot water really is quite the wonder when you think about it! Some of the gifts that accompany living on wheels, is the gift of realizing how precious things like electricity, water and heat really are in daily life. It is easy to take these amenities for granted, though without them, life really is a lot tougher. We are grateful to hook up our house to electricity, water, and sewer here at this small farm campground where we are going to move-in and start living in our tiny home during winter.

In addition to moving our tiny house to Oostema Farmstead, we waved goodbye to our dear friends where we had lived for several months, and moved our little retro travel trailer to the farm too! We lived in our little camper trailer for a few more days at the farm while we moved things into our home and worked to get things "organized". Our little retro travel trailer has a really sweet place in our hearts. Up to this point in time, it has been our only getaway house on wheels and we have many awesome memories of camping in it and visiting new places. We love it dearly, and in so many ways it prepared us for life on wheels. These were some of the last days that we had living in our retro travel trailer before we moved into our wooden tiny house on wheels and special days they were.

We got to park our little camper right next to our wooden tiny house. Being able to go back and forth between the two was made easy and we loved it! One delightful wonderment we appreciated frequently were the reflections that each had of the other. In the windows of the tiny house, were reflections of our camper, and in the windows and moon hub caps of the trailer, we could see the tiny house. We love both so dearly that we found the reflections completely enchanting!

We replanted our pothos plants into their new planter pots that fit into our wooden tiny house. These leafy vining plants will do well in their new location in our home because they can thrive even in low light locations. Pothos are easy to care for and can even handle periods of drought. They are a really forgiving plant, yet they give back so much! Pothos are considered to be one of the top house plants for improving indoor air quality, able to purify the air of formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide while eliminating odors. Pothos can also help alleviate eye irritation after long days of staring at screens. We have great appreciation, and wonderment, for our pothos plants and their role in our non-toxic and healthy tiny house.

We introduced our "wonder pups" Uluru & Konane to their new house for the first time. We brought their beds, crates and toys into the tiny house before they came in for the first time. We brought them inside and focused on play. They were at home in their new spaces right away. Living with dogs in a tiny house is very doable! We designed our stairs in a way to be able to house each of their dog crates. They both enjoy their dog crates as dens that they can come and go from. They have a dedicated dog blanket area to play, nap and wrestle with each other. They love their sliding glass door windows that they can stare out into the world through. We all love going outside for play and for walks. We love our tiny house on wheels and so do our dogs Uluru & Konane.

We love our tiny house kitchen. In many ways it is one of the best kitchens either one of us has ever experienced. We each have space to prep and handle food, and yet nothing needed is very far away. It is a well designed kitchen and we are so excited to prepare & cook countless more meals in our tiny house!

There is something fun about recognizing "firsts". First times only happen once, and celebrating the sweetness of firsts makes them all the more meaningful & memorable. Celebrating the first time our dogs came into the house, the first fruit smoothy blended in the house, the first dinner made and eaten in the tiny house, and the first night sleeping in the tiny home are all very meaningful for us. When something is meaningful, it's a wonderment worth appreciating!

Our adventures began with a simple enough sounding question, how to be happy in life? Our best answer, make life an adventure filled with wonderment and awe. We are now tiny house dwellers and we are going to tiny house America with our traveling tiny house on wheels. Before we hit the road though, we have got some winter snow and wind storms to live through in our tiny house. We will be sharing all that with you in the coming video episodes. See you next time, friends, for more sharing of our tiny house story as we look for wonders small and grand!

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