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Episode #7. Gratitude: Inspiring Daily Thankfulness, Joy & Wonder

Updated: Jan 2

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Enjoy our inspiring exploration of gratitude, thankfulness, joy & wonder in this week’s video episode. Reasons for appreciation inspired us to create a “Gratitude Tree”. By consciously practicing daily gratitude, we naturalize our tendencies to be appreciative & joyful people sharing happiness, kindness & inspiration with others. By “counting our blessings” and taking notice of the simple & grand abundance that fills our lives, we open our hearts & minds to saying “Yes, to Gratitude.”

It feels wonderful to feel sincere & true thankfulness, appreciation & gratitude. It’s amazing how much easier it is to feel joyful and excited about life when we feel grateful. Gratitude has an influencing ability to empower and inspire joy, health, love, and everything that makes our lives amazing! GRATITUDE is one of the three main focuses of our Sea Tree Wonder journey to find, share & experience daily joys, wonders & reasons for appreciation in weekly video episodes, blog posts, and daily interactions with others.

A couple of weeks ago, when we were playing in autumn leaves and feeling joyfully grateful for all the natural wonders and loving people in our lives, we had the idea to make a “GRATITUDE TREE”.

We cut out colored paper leaves, and sat down with some pens to write down on each paper leaf something that we appreciate. It was a fun thankfulness & creative activity to do together. As we wrote down on each paper leaf something that we appreciate, we felt happier & happier, and more grateful for the things we do have. Amidst an often busy, stressful & financially challenging life, it is easy to feel lack, fear & concern. We found that by intentionally finding things to appreciate, we felt happier, more grateful & more excited about our lives. After writing down our reasons for gratitude on the leaves, we hung them with wire ornament hooks on an indoor twig branch arrangement that we have in a vase. We now have a beautiful indoor tree, made of arranged twig branches placed in a vase, and adorned with colorful autumn leaves that celebrate our thankfulness. As we wrote down our “wonderments” on the leaves, we basked in the feeling of appreciation.

Gratitude opens the door to abundance. Gratitude inspires wonder!

It is easy in our busy lives & packed schedules to skip or justify ourselves out of taking time to journal our reasons for gratitude. We notice that when we let our daily busy schedules overwhelm our lives, we begin losing our affinity to feel happiness, wonder & appreciation. It only takes an average of 10 minutes a day to consciously take the time to write down the day’s reasons for gratitude. We feel so much better after we give ourselves the time to bask in the feeling of appreciation. Nurturing our ability to feel gratitude in more & more moments of our daily life has many benefits to our overall health, happiness, productivity & relationships with our self & others.

May we all have the courage & commitment to ourselves to practice thankfulness, share appreciation & feel more gratitude in our daily lives.

We are sharing this video about gratitude with you on the week of Thanksgiving. For us, this holiday inspires us to take notice & appreciate the abundance that fills our lives every day of the year. It is a wonder how empowering it is to feel sincere gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving today & happy Thanksgiving every day of the year!

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