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 Welcome to the "Wonder Quest" where we explore & celebrate the wonders of our blue and green planet.

Learn more about us: we are Wendy & Megan; filmmakers, writers, happiness vloggers, dancers

& creators of quality inspiring content.

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New VIDEO Episode Published Frequently

While visiting northeast Oregon with our traveling wooden tiny house on wheels, we are finding wonder as we adventure in the great outdoors and complete more tiny house DIY projects. In this video episode adventure story, we are sharing with you some of the crazy thunderstorm weather we experienced along with more natural wonders to inspire awe. As wonder seekers, teachers, and artists, we also share inspiring ideas for how you can practice finding wonder in your daily life and give you techniques for helping cultivate greater meaningfulness and joy in your life. Later in the episode, we are back on the road again with our custom wooden fifth wheel on a couple record shattering hot weather days when we witness a really serious near disaster with a trucker on a mountain pass. By the end of this trip, we decide to start a new tradition.

Enjoy our Newest VIDEO Episode!

Megan Bloom

Hello & welcome to Sea Tree Wonder. We are Wendy (Sequoia Win'Ni) & Megan Bloom and we are excited that you are here! As family members, with a relationship of best friend sisters, we have come together to begin a quest to find, experience & share wonder.

By sharing our Sea Tree Wonder quest with the world through weekly video episodes, blog posts, photos, and our art, we hope to inspire people to feel & experience wonder each and every day.

Wendy Bloom

(Sequoia Win' Ni)

Mission & Vision

"If you truly LOVE nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

~ Vincent Van Gogh

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In order to be able to dedicate time, effort & money to Sea Tree Wonder projects and creations we need some financial support. We feel very inspired and strong in our conviction to share our wonder journey with the world, though creating and sharing this material with the world takes time. This time costs money when it means we are not making art to go to market or teaching classes.  With some monthly financial support, we can dedicate time to Sea Tree Wonder and in return we are excited to thank our patron with meaningful gifts. We have set up several different tiers of pledge giving amounts and in return gifts to match.

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