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What’s WONDERMENT? Finding Wonder & Inspiration - Travel Adventures with Tiny House on Wheels

Welcome to Sea Tree Wonder -- created by wonderment seekers and MADE FOR ALL looking to find meaning, happiness, inspiration & WONDER in their daily lives! In this short video, we are defining wonderment and answering the big question, “What is WONDERMENT?”. We are also inviting you to have a front row seat in all of our real life adventures with a traveling wooden tiny house on wheels as we RV America with a big rig as two female travelers.

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After years of ‘trying’ to find happiness, we are on a mission to discover and explore what a lifestyle of wonder and awe has to offer any of us. We are on a finding wonder quest, we are studying the science of wonder, we are practicing “wonderment perspective” and we are sharing our experiences and findings with you. We are sharing everyday lifestyle and mindset advice, wisdom and encouragement, along with sharing our real day to day life experiences with all its ups and downs.

So what is wonder? Why does feeling wonder feel so wonderful?

Feeling gratitude for even the tiniest of things and awe for it's existence creates wonder...

What is wonderment? How can finding and feeling wonderment give daily life greater purpose, happiness, and inspiration?

Most young children experience wonderment frequently as they discover their world, see things for the first time, feel curiosity, and marvel at even simple and basic daily occurrences. In a state of wonderment, life is filled with inspiring grandeur, beauty, and reason for joy.

Wonderment is a state of being... for us it's also the name we give to something that inspires us to feel wonder. For us "wonderment" is a state of being and anything that makes us say, "That is a wonder so wondrous, that it's a wonderment!".

"Wonderments" are those moments when you are in a state of complete awe, admiration, and "oh wow"! Wonderment is when wonder sweeps through your whole being. It is when you stand before something wondrous and say, "what a wonderment!".

On some spectacular days, grand wonders fill your experience and feeling wonderment is easy. On many other days, life is a bit tougher, filled with stresses, hardships, and challenges, and feeling wonderment seems like a distant concept. The truth of the matter, is that on any and every day, simple, tiny, and even normal seeming things have the power to inspire all of us to feel great wonderment if we simply open our eyes, minds and hearts to feel appreciation and gratitude. Feeling gratitude for even the basics in our daily lives, inspires us to feel wonder and awe. Once any of us start noticing and appreciating wonders, tiny or grand, we start enjoying the incredible state of wonderment that is our natural born gift and birthright.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Follow along with us on our epic finding wonder journey.

Together, we are finding, appreciating and sharing with each other and the world, tiny and grand daily wonders,

or as we like to say “wonderments”.

Life is the journey, wonder is the joy… so what are we all waiting for?

Let’s go find some wonderments!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We are best friends, daughter/mother, adventure buddies, tiny house dwellers, and now traveling creative digital nomads. We are seeking and finding wonders around every bend and curve in our path and sharing the “wonderments” we find with you in regular video episodes. We are learning that if we consciously live our daily life with a “wonderment mindset” and “wonderment perspective” daily life is filled with a whole lot more joy, adventure, meaningful moments, and wonder! We hope you enjoy these inspiring videos about life as we share our finding wonder journey with you.

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Make life an adventure filled

with wonderment and awe.

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Musical Artists heard in THIS FILM:

ZivMoran, Marco Martini, Ty Simon, Carlie Fairburn, Angel Salazar, GAEL, Yoavllan, and Alon Peretz

In this film, all video & photos were filmed by the two of us.

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THANK YOU for your support & appreciation of our video productions & “finding wonder” journey as we create these video adventures!

Your friends,

Wendy (Sequoia Win’Ni) & Megan

and "Wonder DOGS" Uluru & Konane

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